Monday, March 11, 2013

Hokkaido Summer 2012 北海道夏季之旅 - Saika no sato 彩香之里, 彩香の里

Visited 12.07.2012

First flower park of the day.
Attraction was not planned in my original itinerary but was told by our taxi driver that this flower park was along the way. Saika no sato occupies about 7 hectares of land, making it the largest flower park located in Nakafurano.

Day 3 was a rainy day and definitely not the best day for such sightseeing trip. Despite covering only a small area of the park due to bad weather condition, the beautiful colouration of flowers covering the entire field still manage to lift up our spirits. Was introduced to other forms of lavender flowers that were grown in this park; spotted some in white, slightly pinkish colours. A shop, which sells snacks (e.g. lavender soft serves) and souvenirs (e.g. lavender potpourri), is also located at the entrance of the flower park.

Reasons to visit: 
(1) Even though this flower park is not served by local buses, it is still within acceptable walking distance from Nakafurano JR Station. Alternatively, you can take a cab from Nakafurano JR Station and walk back after that - to save on transport costs.
(2) Less publicised as compared to Farm Tomita, which means smaller tourist/visitor crowds.
(3) Smaller tourist/visitor crowds means one can take scenic photos with least interference (i.e. strangers in the background).


Saika no sato 彩香之里, 彩香の里
Opening hours: 0800 - 1700 hrs, only from June to September.
Free admission

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How to get there? 
(1) Approx 20 mins walk from Nakafurano JR Station.

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