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Hokkaido Summer 2012 北海道夏季之旅 - Odori Park 大通公园 & Sapporo TV Tower 札幌电视塔

Visited 13.07.2012

Odori Park: Located in the heart of Sapporo and the park stretches about 1.5 km long. Sapporo TV Tower is typically referred to as the starting point and the park ends at Sapporo City Archive Museum. Odori Park is also the main venue for Sapporo Snow Festival held in February every year. Intent of visiting this park was to search for this famous pushcart selling grilled corn. I believe there are a handful of such stalls distributed within the park and the one we patronise was located at the foot of TV Tower. Grilled corn has become a specialty of Odori Park and popularity has grown to the point that numerous souvenirs have been derived and even a corn mascot was developed! Therefore, it is a common sight to see locals strolling leisurely in the park and munching on freshly grilled corn. Cost about 300 yen for one stick of corn.


Sapporo TV Tower: Constructed in 1957 and a prominent landmark in Sapporo. Standing at 147.2 m in height, it bears some resemblances to Tokyo Tower. Tickets to visit the observatory deck can be purchased on the third floor, the same floor to ride onto the elevator to reach the observatory deck.

Observatory deck is located at 90.83 m above ground. The whole stretch of Odori Park can be seen on the west side, and on a clear day, Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium (one of the venues for 1972 Olympic Winter Games) can be spotted from afar too. JR Tower and Sapporo JR Station can be seen on the north side.

TV Tosan is the mascot for Sapporo TV Tower and you can practically find him at all corners of this attraction. A shop is located on the observatory deck and sells a variety of merchandise featuring this adorable character and his family. Bought a handful of souvenirs from the shop - miniature wish board (840 yen), magnet (262 yen) and milk candies (157 yen).

(1) Collect a 10% discount voucher for its admission tickets from the tourism information centre in Sapporo JR Station.
(2) If you plan to visit Clock Tower as well, both tickets can be purchased together at a discounted price of 720 yen. Admission fee to Clock Tower and TV Tower costs 200 and 700 yen, respectively.


Sapporo TV Tower 札幌电视塔 (さっぽろテレビ塔)
Odori Subway Station, Exit 27
Admission fee = 700 yen (630 yen with 10% discount voucher)

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Commemorative stamps:

Sapporo TV Tower - TV Tosan

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