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Hokkaido Summer 2012 北海道夏季之旅 - Farm Tomita ファーム富田

Visited 12.07.2012
Revisited on 28.10.2017

Fourth and last flower park of the day.
So far, the most crowded flower park out of all visited on Day 3. Took the Furano-Biei Norokko Train from Biei and alighted at Lavender Batake, the nearest train station to Farm Tomita. Weather continued to be unpleasant and we were totally drenched by the heavy rain during the walk from the train station to Farm Tomita.

Opened since 1958, Farm Tomita is a flower park well received by many visitors, both locals and foreigners. Its popularity has risen to such a level that people automatically associate lavender flowers with Farm Tomita and relate Farm Tomita to Furano. Most tour packages will choose Farm Tomita as the main flower park to visit in summer, which well explains the crowds in the park seen during this peak season. Captivating and beautiful flowers, arranged in neat rows of complementing colours, is truly a pretty and unforgettable sight in this 4 hectares wide flower park. Sad to say, we had to stay indoors most of the time due to the heavy downpour and could not tour this place completely. Instead, it was mainly souvenir shopping for us during our stay here. Farm Tomita has a comprehensive line-up of lavender related products - potpourri in various forms of packaging, fragrances, toiletries, moisturising cream, eye masks, etc. Not forgetting food such as milk pudding, sparkling drink and soft serves, all have a refreshing touch of lavender scent/flavour in them.

If you are tired of lavender already, do try out a slice of Furano melon (priced at 200 yen/slice) and you will be awed by its natural sweetness (something that all of us misses most from Hokkaido)!

- If time permits, Tomita Melon House is located just beside the flower park. Truly a place for melon lovers which I will make it a point to visit next round hopefully.
- Merchandise from Farm Tomita are also sold in Furano Marche and Kiosk Souvenir Shop @ Sapporo JR Station.


Farm Tomita 富田农场
Free admission.
Opening hours: 0830 - 1730 hrs (June to August); 0830 - 1700 hrs (September); 0900 - 1630 hrs (October to April)

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How to get there?
(1) Furano bus, to Grape Juice Factory, Rokkatei, Winery and Farm Tomita. Only available in July and August. Fee = 300 yen (from Furano JR Station).
Furano bus:
(2) Twinkle Bus Furano Lavender Course, makes a 50 mins stop at this attraction.
One bus per day, departs from Furano JR Station at 1010 hrs. Bus service only in operation in July and August. Fee = 1500 yen.
(3) Approx 7 mins walk from Lavender Farm JR Station, a temporary train station which is only opened when Furano-Biei Norokko Train is in operation. 
(4) Approx 25 mins walk from Nakafurano JR Station.

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