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Hokkaido Summer 2012 北海道夏季之旅 - Shiroi Koibito Park 白色恋人馆

Visited 13.07.2012

Shiroi Koibito Park, owned by Ishiya, the manufacturer for Hokkaido signature biscuits - Chocolat Blanc et Langue de chat. This white chocolate biscuits has become a "must buy" souvenirs for visitors to Hokkaido. However, the biscuits has lost its exclusivity because they can also be purchased in both Haneda and Narita Airport, which means one do not have to travel all the way to Hokkaido to purchase them.

A European theme park, this place has grown to become a popular tourist attraction in Sapporo. Only admission to the exhibition hall (Chocolate Factory) requires a fee (600 yen). Apart from that, one can wander around in their outdoor rose garden and enjoy the hourly Chocolate Carnival --- free of charge.

Recommended products: 
(1) One of my favourites is Mifuyu (美冬), a pastry sandwiched with chocolate, and comes in three different combinations:
- Dark chocolate with blueberry
- Milk chocolate with caramel
- White chocolate with sweet chestnut
(2) Delicious white sponge roll cake with smooth white chocolate cream. Cake is also sold in Chocolate Lounge.

Trivia: Chocolat Blanc means white chocolate, while Langue de chat means cat's tongue in French.


(1) Chocolate Carnival, which begins a the top of every hour, is a parade of jolly singing and dancing mechanical dolls. All the figurines at different parts of the park come to life, creating a fun-filled 10 minutes musical.

(2) Chocolate Factory - visit the main exhibition hall to better understand the history and the manufacturing process of chocolate from both the past and now. Very artistic European decor, with intricate details put into all corners of the exhibition hall. Factory also provided a peek at the production line of the famous white chocolate biscuits. While you are focusing on the freshly baked biscuits, do lookout for the "moving" decorations in the factory!

(3) Chocolate Lounge - located on the fourth level, cafe provided a good view of Chocolate Carnival hourly performance, while sipping hot chocolate/white chocolate drinks and tasting their signature delicious white fluffy roll cake. A great place to drop by for a quick break.

(4) Other exhibitions:
- Old style children's toy box featuring huge classical toys collection e.g. Mickey Mouse, their very own Hello Kitty and Ultraman as well.
- Gramophone gallery showcasing how audio devices have evolved over the years.


Shiroi Koibito Park 白色恋人馆
Admission fee = 600 yen

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How to get there?
- Take subway via Tozai line (orange) and alight at Miyanosawa (T01).
- Follow the signage to the park; approx 7 mins walk from subway station.

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