Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hokkaido Summer 2012 北海道夏季之旅 - Biei JR Station 美瑛駅

Biei JR Station (F37), along Furano line.
Asahikawa Airport > Biei, via Lavender Bus. Fee = 360 yen.

Train station is built with Biei soft stones, creating this rustic feel. During peak period in summer, Mandarin speaking staff is deployed to this train station. Do keep a lookout for someone wearing lanyard with "Mandarin translator" tag, especially if you need help buying train or Twinkle Bus tickets from the counter. Biei JR Station is also a popular boarding point for the sightseeing train - Furano-Biei Norokko train during the summer season.

Note: Train station has no lift/escalator. Similar to Furano JR Station, one has to climb the overhead bridge to get to the opposite platform. Will recommend passengers with bulky luggage to reach at least 10 - 15 mins prior train departure timing.

Train timetable:


What's nearby?
(1) Biei Tourism Association (四季情报馆). Located on your left once you step out of the train station. A place to visit to acquire essential information of attractions in Biei and purchase souvenirs.

(2) Boarding/alighting point for the following Twinkle Bus courses: 
- Biei Hill Country Course: follows the Patchwork Road. 
- Biei Takushinkan Course: visit to Takushinkan Gallery, Shikisai no oka and Bibaushi Elementary School.
- Biei Lavender Course: travels along Roller Coaster Road, Furano Marche and Furano Winery. Course ends at Furano JR Station. 

(3) Hotel Lavenir. Approx 3 mins walk from train station. A popular choice of hotel stay in Biei due to its strategic location. Tried making a reservation with this hotel about 3 months beforehand, but it was already fully booked during the peak summer season.
Hotel website:

(4) Post office. Approx 2 mins walk from train station. Walk straight after stepping out of the train station.


Commemorative stamps: 

- Biei JR Station - 
- Biei Tourism Association -

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