Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hokkaido Summer 2012 北海道夏季之旅 - Noboribetsu JR Station 登别駅

Noboribetsu JR Station (H28), along Muroran main line.

Note: Similar to train stations in Furano and Biei, there are no lifts or elevators available in Noboribetsu JR Station. One will need to climb/descend the stairs of the overhead bridge to reach the opposite platform. Recommended to reach at least 15 mins prior train departure timing, especially if you are carrying bulky luggage.

Discounted train tickets:  
Between Sapporo and Noboribetsu, discount for group of 4 tickets purchased.
- Total fee = 7,880 yen (instead of 15,400 yen, ~50% discount), for unreserved seats.

JR Hokkaido:
Train timetable:


What's nearby?
(1) Bus stop:
NA, NB, NC and ND buses will make a stop at Noboribetsu Onsen. Bus fee = 330 yen.
- NA and NB buses will stop by Date Jidaimura (时代村) before going to Noboribetsu Onsen, therefore travelling time will be slightly longer.
- NC and ND buses go directly to Noboribetsu Onsen.

Donan bus timetable 
Departure timings from Noboribetsu JR Station:
Departure timings from Noboribetsu Onsen:

Do refer to Noboribetsu Tourist Association website for information on how to take the bus.
Noboribetsu Tourist Association:

(2) Noboribetsu Marine Park NIXE:

There are three theme parks in Noboribetsu - Bear Park, Date Jidaimura and Marine Park. Marine park is located less than 10 mins walk from the train station. Upon stepping out of the train station, look to your right and make your way towards this dark red coloured castle - that is Noboribetsu Marine Park.

Lockers are available for a nominal fee (depending on the size) in the train station. Upon arrival in the morning, you can lock your luggage in the train station and make your way first to the marine park.


To me, one of the joy derived from travelling on train is eating ekiben - a boxed meal with local specialties sold in train stations and on certain train services. These beautifully wrapped boxes are packed with sumptuous ingredients - seafood, meat and vegetable delicacies which are all freshly harvested from Hokkaido. A huge variety of ekibens, with different combinations of ingredients, are available - some make use of seasonal ingredients, while others are exclusively sold in certain train stations only, therefore you can never get tired of them. Do try one when you take the train next time (especially for longer train journeys).


Commemorative stamps:  


  1. Hi, may I know how to get all the commemorative stamps like in your website? All of them are so cute and interesting.

  2. Hi, may I know how to get all the commemorative stamps like in your website? All of them are so cute and interesting.

    1. Hi @Melon Journey! At the train stations in Japan, there is a counter where you can get hold of these inked commemorative stamps. Just keep a lookout for them when you are at the train station - it has become a ritual for me whenever I am in Japan.