Friday, May 24, 2013

Hokkaido Summer 2012 北海道夏季之旅 - Sakaimachi Street 堺町通り

Visited 14.07.2012

From Marchen intersection, walked along Sakaimachi Street to reach Otaru Canal.
Both sides of this street are lined with shops:

(1) Seafood - being close to the fishing port, seafood has got to be fresh here in Otaru. Stopped by one of the stalls to confirm my hypothesis. Picked an abalone and a scallop from the tanks placed outside the stall and the seafood were cooked right away on the hot grill. Scallop was pleasantly sweet and abalone meat had a firm yet chewy texture.

(2) Glasswares - there are several shops selling glasswares and Kitaichi Glass (北一硝子) is the most well-known among them all. Some shops provide hands on experience to make your very own glasswares that you can bring back home as souvenirs. Do note that prior reservations/booking may be required to attend these classes. Personally have not tried this before due to time constraints.

Kitaichi Glass:
List of glassware shops that provide hands on experience:

(3) Sweets and confectionery - apart from Otaru's very own Ginnokane and LeTAO, other established names from other parts of Hokkaido have set up branches in Otaru as well.

- Rokkatei (六花亭): originated from Obihiro and some of their popular products include marseillan butter sand biscuits (raisins and cream sandwiched between two pieces of biscuits), chocolate biscuits sandwiched with white chocolate (雪やこんこ) and strawberries coated with white or milk chocolate.
- Kitakaro (北菓楼): originated from Sunagawa and is well-known for their Baumkuchen layered cake.

Both Rokkatei and Kitakaro is located side by side, along with LeTAO main shop.

View Otaru Sakaimachi in a larger map

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