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Hokkaido Summer 2012 北海道夏季之旅 - Sapporo Beer Garden 札幌啤酒园

Visited 14.07.2012

Returned to Sapporo from Otaru and headed to Sapporo Beer Garden to settle for an early dinner. One of the goals of this trip was to try out Genghis Khan BBQ, a specialty of Hokkaido. Originally planned to patronise one of the recommended restaurants in Susukino but it was full house on the day of visit (13.07.2012). Sapporo Beer Garden houses a handful of BBQ restaurants within its premises - Garden Grill (the highest end among all), Lilac and Genghis Khan Hall. A beer museum is also located in this compound - for a better understanding on development of Sapporo Beer since it was introduced in 1877.

Took the subway and walked approx 10 mins before the distinctive and prominent red brick building and chimney came into sight. Decided on Lilac and chose an indoor table. Cautiously ordered only one serving of lamb marinated with salt (1,400 yen) and one serving of pork, just in case we did not like the strong smell of mutton (otherwise known as 羊骚味 in Chinese).

The meat was served with vegetables - beansprouts, cabbages and slices of pumpkin. A cube of lard was first used to "oil" the hotplate, before putting in the meat and vegetables. The cooked meat can be dipped into the sauce provided before eating.

Conclusion: We were totally blown away by the lamb meat which was very tender and juicy, and not a tint of mutton smell at all. In the end, we had to order another serving of lamb to satisfy our appetite! We were pretty sure that we will eat this again if we visit Hokkaido in future - thumbs up to Genghis Khan BBQ!


Sapporo Beer Garden 札幌啤酒园 - Lilac
Opening hours: 1130 - 2130 hrs

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How to get there?
(1) Subway: Sapporo (H07) > Higashi Kuyakusayomae (H05) by subway via Toho line (blue). Approx 10 mins walk from subway station. Fee = 200 yen
(2) Bus: Take bus on Sapporo Beer Garden/Ario Line (188) on the north exit of Sapporo JR Station.
Frequency: every 30 mins on weekdays and every 20 mins on weekends and public holidays.
Fee = 200 yen
Location of bus stop:
Timetable for Bus 188:

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