Friday, May 24, 2013

Hokkaido Summer 2012 北海道夏季之旅 - Otaru Music Box Museum 小樽音乐盒堂 & Yume no oto 梦之音

Visited 14.07.2012

In Otaru, you will find yourself surrounded by many European style buildings, admiring intricate artworks and handicrafts such as glasswares and musical boxes, dropping by unique coffee houses/cafe - a strong artistic ambience and nostalgia can be felt in this small town.

Two musical box shops are located at Marchen intersection (童话交叉点):

(1) Otaru Music Box Museum - has an extensive collection of musical boxes, in different shapes and sizes. From the conventional ones in wooden boxes, to those decorated with adorable looking figurines or even Japanese style ones (with Neko or nigiri sushi), one will definitely be spoilt for choice in this place! There is also a wide range of melodies you can choose from - classics, anime theme songs and even the latest pop songs. Do note that not all of musical boxes are made in Japan, so do check the labels/stickers on them to confirm the manufacturing country.

Unknowingly spent a substantial amount of time choosing a musical box with my desired combination. Opted for a DIY of musical box - chose a simple wooden box to house the mechanism that plays my preferred melody.

A popular photo-taking spot is located just outside the shop - a steam powered clock that sounds a chime every 15 minutes and whistles hourly to tell the time.

(2) Yume no oto - also owned by Orgel Doh, this shop which is of a much smaller scale is a heaven for cartoons and anime lovers. All the musical boxes sold in this shop are decorated with cartoon and anime characters - from Disney characters to Ghibli Studio's Totoro and lately very popular Rilakkuma, you just can't stop exclaiming "kawaii" in this shop!


Otaru Music Box Museum 小樽音乐盒堂
< 5 mins walk from Minami-otaru JR Station


Yume no oto (Character House) 梦之音


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