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Hokkaido Summer 2012 北海道夏季之旅 - Noboribetsu Marine Park NIXE 登别海洋公园尼克斯, H.I.S Discount Coupons

Visited 15.07.2012

Visited only Marine Park NIXE out of the three theme parks located in Noboribetsu. The plan was to arrive in Noboribetsu in the morning and visit this marine park which is located near the train station. Kept our luggage in the lockers provided in the train station and walked to the marine park.

This marine park is a reproduction of a Northern European town. The red brick NIXE castle, which houses an oceanic museum and aquarium, is the most distinctive feature of the park. Overall, a moderate sized park with aquarium and live shows/performances to keep visitors occupied for at least half a day. Do check out the timings of respective shows and plan your desired itinerary ahead such that you can fully maximise the time stayed here.


(1) Penguin Parade - Penguins are undoubtedly the stars of Noboribetsu Marine Park. The parade, which takes place twice a day (1100 and 1400 hrs), see adorable penguins wobbling within a designated route in the park. Do standby in front of NIXE Castle at least 10 - 15 mins before the parade starts in order to get a good spot to catch the penguins unnerved expressions.

(2) Dolphin Show - Four shows per day during summer season (1000, 1125, 1330 and 1530 hrs). Watch how the agile dolphins perform amazing stunts in the pool - yet another popular attraction within this theme park.

(3) NIXE Castle - A four storey high castle that aims to provide a peek into the vast and dynamic marine life. A tall water tank (which creates a portion of Great Barrier Reef) stands at the entrance of the castle (2nd floor). You will be led to the 4th floor first - a pool which allows visitors to touch some of the sea creatures e.g. starfish, sea cucumbers, small sharks, etc. Various species of fishes are showcased in the aqua gallery on the 3rd floor. On the 1st floor, you will move through the underwater tunnels to see fishes swimming above head. Unfortunately, you won't find features of a castle inside this building - internally it is pretty similar to some other aquarium or marine parks that I have been to previously. Tip: You can slot in the visit of this castle between live shows/performances.

(4) Seal Ring Pool - A small pool situated on the left of NIXE castle, where you can observe seals moving skilfully through the upright circular portion of the pool. To see a more energetic and playful side of the seals & how the staffs/trainers interact with them, you can visit the seals during their feeding times.

(5) Other attractions: Reptile House (a small exhibition of different species/country of origin of frogs, turtles, tortoises, snakes, etc), Milky Way Pool (a magnificent sight of 10,000+ sardines, all swimming in the same direction and Sea Lion Show (which I did not manage to catch).


(1) Theme Park Ticket: Significant savings with this ticket if you plan to visit at least two of the theme parks in Noboribetsu. This ticket can be used over three days and is available at the ticket counters in all three theme parks.

Price of Theme Park Ticket:
- Visit any two theme parks = 3,300 yen (adult), 2,000 yen (child)
- Visit all three theme parks = 4,300 yen (adult), 2,600 yen (child)

Admission fee to respective theme parks:
- Marine Park = 2,400 yen (adult), 1,200 yen (child)
- Bear Park = 2,520 yen (adult), 1,260 yen (child)
- Date Jindaimura = 2,900 yen (adult), 1,500 yen (child)

(2) H.I.S. Coupon (iphone app): H.I.S. is a Japanese owned travel agency with offices/branches worldwide. They have developed several travel apps and this particular apps offer limited number of discount coupons to many attractions and restaurants in Japan. Find the location of this attraction on the map and download the discount coupon (do take note of the validity date as well). Flash the discount coupon prior to ticket purchase to enjoy the discounted rates. Enjoy 200 yen discount for adult admission tickets for Noboribetsu Marine Park.


Noboribetsu Marine Park NIXE 登别海洋公园尼克斯
< 5 mins walk from Noboribetsu JR Station
Opening hours: 0900 - 1700 hrs
Admission Fee = 2,400 yen (adult), 1,200 yen (child)

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