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Shikoku Autumn 2014 四国秋季之旅 - Eska Hill エスカヒル

Visited 16.11.2014 (Sun)

Panoramic view of Onaruto Bridge.
Facts and figures. Onaruto bashi (Onaruto Bridge 大鳴門橋) is a suspension bridge which connects Awaji island of Hyogo Prefecture to Naruto city of Tokushima Prefecture. Construction of this 876 m long bridge started in 1976 and it was eventually opened to public in 1985. There are a few ways to admire this architectural masterpiece; from the roof top at Eddy, the Onaruto Bridge crossing memorial hall or at the viewing platform located at summit of Eska Hill. I have been to both and personally, I prefer the latter because of its higher elevation.

A three storey building at the top of Eska Hill; the glass enclosure leading to the building is the 68 m long escalator.
Magnificent view. One of the feature of Eska Hill is its 68 m long escalator which brings visitors from the base to the summit where the observatory is located. Standing on the roof top, a 360 degree panoramic view of the surroundings awaits, especially on a good clear weather day - Naruto Koen, Awaji island on the other end of Onaruto bashi, even a glimpse of Shodoshima on the left and Wakayama on the right. Was fully engrossed by the magnificent view of Onaruto bashi, the sea and island for quite a fair bit of time. Though there is a restaurant located in the same building, do note that it is only opened for business if there are reservations (but I guess it is mainly catered for tour group). A souvenir shop is located at the base of the hill. Despite being the better viewing spot out of the two, it appeared to be less well received (I felt that there were more tourists at Eddy in comparison). During my visit, I also felt that place needed some form of renewal as it showed some signs of lackluster and lack of maintenance. Hopefully things have changed by now... 

About 3 minutes escalator ride; the longest I have taken in my life.
Looking back at Naruto city; cylindrical building on the left is Eddy Museum.

Can you see the windmills on Awaji island?

Eska Hill エスカヒル
Operating hours: 0830 - 1700 hrs
Admission fee = 400 yen

How to get there?

(1) By bus.
- At Tokushima Ekimae Bus Terminal Bus Stop #1, board Naruto line (鳴門線) bus heading for Naruto Koen 鳴門公園. Bus journey takes approx 1 hr 15 mins; fee = 710 yen.
- At Naruto JR Station, board Naruto line (鳴門線) bus heading for Naruto Koen 鳴門公園. Bus journey takes approx. 30 mins; fee = 310 yen.
Approx 5 minutes walk from bus stop. There are clear signage at the bus stop and in the vicinity providing clear directions to the main attractions in Naruto Koen: Uzunomichi, Eddy and Eska Hill.
Bus schedule (in Japanese):

Video: Scroll to 1:00 for Go Go Japan's feature of Eska Hill.

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