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Shikoku Autumn 2014 四国秋季之旅 - Angel Road エンジェルロード

Visited 15.11.2014 (Sat)

Disappearance of Angel Road when we visited it in the evening.
Mysterious road. Yet another creation of nature but labeled with an endearing name. Angel Road is a sandbar which makes a brief stint during low tide, opening a path to a offshore island which is less than 100 m away from the main island of Shodoshima. Have seen a similar phenomenon in Ibusuki (Chringashima 知林ヶ島) but did not have the chance to walk on the sandbank then. Made it a point to stay at Shodoshima International Hotel, strategically located a stone throw away from the Angel Road, to witness the changing faces of the sandbank. Came to the Angel Road twice. When we arrived at the hotel in the evening, the sandbank was gradually being submerged under water and we could not cross over to the nearby island. The sandbank reappeared early next morning and we did a leisure stroll along the sandbank just before heading down for breakfast.

Symbol of happiness. As it takes some luck to see sandbar, there is a belief that if you hold the hands of an important person to you and cross the Angel Road together, wishes made will come true. On the offshore island, there are numerous shells/wooden plaques with words of well-wishes written on them and hung on the trees - a common practice/activity that people engaged in when they visit a place believed to have spiritual powers. The best place to get a good overview of Angel Road is at an observatory (yakusoku no oka tenbodai 約束の丘展望台) located at the start of the sandbar on the main island. Apart from a panoramic view of the shoreline at different times of the day, visitors can also sound the bell of happiness found on the summit of this small hill. Angel Road is a mysteriously beautiful natural landscape which is not too out of the way for visitors to Shodoshima. 

Successfully crossed the sandbar early next morning.
View of main island from the other end of Angel Road.
Sound the bell of happiness on the observatory.
Climbed up the observatory to capture a good view of Angel Road.

Angel Road エンジェルロード
Free admission.

High and low tide forecast:
The best times (equivalent to the lowest tide) in the morning and afternoon are provided for each day. The sandbank exists between 3 hours before and after the indicated best times i.e. duration of 6 hours. For example, if the lowest tide occurs at 0600 hours, the sandbank will appear from 0300 to 0900 hours.

How to get there?

Shodoshima Olive Bus:
  • From Tonosho Port (土庄港), take Nishiura line (East loop) or Tanoura Eiga Mura line (heading for Eiga Mura) and alight at Shodoshima International Hotel. 
  • From Ikeda Port (池田港) & Kusakabe Port (草壁港), take Tanoura Eiga Mura line (heading for Ikeda Port) and alight at Shodoshima International Hotel
Nishiura line (西浦線):
Tanoura Eiga Mura line (田ノ浦映画村線):


Video: Scroll to 17:15 for 玩乐志's feature on Angel Road.

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