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Shikoku Autumn 2014 四国秋季之旅 - Tokushima JR Station 徳島駅

Hotel Clement and Clement Plaza in Tokushima JR Station. 
Tokushima JR Station (M00, T00) is an interchange train station for Kotoku, Mugi and Tokushima lines.

Some limited express, themed and local trains that serve Tokushima JR Station: 
(1) Yu Yu Anpanman train
- departs from Takamatsu for Tokushima, once a day.
- makes two round trips between Tokushima and Awa Ikeda, along Tokushima line.
Anpanman train:
Train is operated on specific dates, typically on weekends and public holidays.
(2) Limted Express Uzushio (うずしお), commutes between Takamatsu and Tokushima, along Kotoku line. 
(3) Limited Express Tsurugisan (剣山), commutes between Tokushima and Awa Ikeda, along Tokushima line.
(4) Limited Express Muroto (むろと), commutes between Awa Ikeda, Tokushima and Mugi, along Mugi line.
(5) Local train to Naruto, via Naruto line.

Bottom: Limited Express Tsurugisan departing from Tokushima for Awa Ikeda.

What's nearby?

(1) JR Clement Hotel Tokushima, Clement Plaza, Tourist Information Center
JR Clement Hotel is connected seamlessly to the train station, in fact it is literally just above it. Clement Plaza, is the connecting mall comprises of a wide range of shops and restaurants. Tourist information center is located on the 6th floor of Clement Plaza. This was my first destination I headed for because I needed help to reserve seats for Oboke Iya Sightseeing Tour two days later. Both English and Mandarin speaking staff were stationed here and they were patient and helpful in attending to my requests.
- Clement Plaza:
- Tokushima Tourism Website:

Left: Bus terminal for buses to Naruto and Tokushima Awa Odori Airport.
(2) Bus Terminal バスターミナル
- Bus Stop #1 for Bus 27 to Naruto Koen 鳴門公園 to witness Naruto whirlpools at Uzunomichi.
Bus journey takes approx 1 hr 15 mins; Fee = 710 yen.
The other way to get to Naruto Koen is via a combination of train and bus. Take the local train from Tokushima JR Station and transfer to a bus in front of Naruto JR Station. Though the duration of train journey is shorter, there is a long transit time during the changeover from train to bus (can be as long as an hour). For my trip, I took the bus directly from the bus terminal to Naruto Koen and used a combination of bus and train on my return trip because I wanted to visit Naruto JR Station.
Bus schedule:

- Bus Stop #2 for Airport Limousine Bus to Tokushima Awa Odori Airport.
Bus journey takes approx 28 mins; Fee = 440 yen.
Bus schedule:

Right: SOGO to meet your shopping needs.
(3) SOGO
Conveniently located about 3 mins walk from the train station. Apart from SOGO being the anchor tenant, familiar brands such as Kinokuniya, Uniqlo, MUJI and Loft are also found in the same building. Do note that shops close pretty early at 1930 hrs and restaurants on the 9th storey close at 2100 hrs.

Awa Odori Kaikan & Mt Bizan in the background.
(4) Awa Odori Kaikan 阿波踊り会館 & Mt Bizan 眉山
Located about 10 - 15 mins walk away from the train station. Awa Odori is an important cultural dance in Tokushima city and has a rich history of over 400 years. The annual dance festival is held between 12 - 15 August and attracts more than a million of visitors to this small city which only has a population of 260,000! If you visit Tokushima city outside of the festival period, Awa Odori Kaikan is definitely a place to head down to experience a snippet of the dynamic and joyous dance performance. Attended the night session (held at 2000 hrs) and I enjoyed myself throughout the 50 minutes duration performance!
From the 5th storey of Awa Odori Kaikan, one can also take the ropeway to get to the summit of Mt Bizan. Stands at 290 m tall, a good aerial view of Tokushima city can be seen from the observatory on a clear day. Unfortunately, I did not get to visit Mt Bizan due to insufficient time.
- Awa Odori Kaikan 阿波踊り会館:
- Mt Bizan 眉山:


Commemorative stamp:

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