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Shikoku Autumn 2014 四国秋季之旅 - 7 Days Hotel Plus セブンデイズホテルプラス

Stayed 17.11.2014
Reserved thru'
- Twin Room = 11,400 yen
- Single Room = 6,300 yen

Left: Common area on the ground level.
Hotels are quite scattered in Kochi city. To my surprise, I did not managed to find many established hotel chains near the train station (only Super Hotel & Comfort Hotel and both about 5 mins walk away) and so far, Kochi is the only prefecture (out of 47 prefectures in Japan) that has no Toyoko Inn! Chose to stay in 7 Days Hotel Plus and 7 Days Hotel on two separate days in Kochi city. The surroundings of the hotel is pretty quaint, a distance away from the main road.

Minimalist and modern hotel. Similar to many other business hotels that I have stayed in, all the basic amenities here are well taken care of in 7 Days Hotel Plus. However, one other feature that I like a lot about this hotel is its minimalist design. Single room are of typical size of 12 m2, but simplicity in furnishing makes the room looked spacious and comfortable. Similar concept is extended to its lobby. Found this common area which is enclosed by walls of cement slabs, with paintings of bright, contrasting colours hung up and several aluminium round tables and chairs arranged, particularly stylish. Do keep a close look out for some of the beautifully design furniture, modern table wares and abstract paintings at various corners of the hotel. In conclusion, this is definitely one hotel that I will come back to stay if I get to visit Kochi again.

Breakfast. In 7 Days Hotel Plus, you will get to choose between Western and Japanese style for breakfast. For Western style breakfast, help yourself to a variety of freshly baked bread, salad, banana, boiled eggs, coffee/tea and juices. On the other hand, the Japanese breakfast set comes with rice, salted salmon, half boiled egg and miso soup.


7 Days Hotel Plus セブンデイズホテルプラス
高知県高知市はりまや町2-13-6 〒780-0822

From Kochi JR Station, take Tosaden Electric Tram and alight at Hasuike-machi-dori (蓮池町通) stop. About 5 - 7 mins walk from this tram stop. 

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