Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Shikoku Autumn 2014 四国秋季之旅 - Naruto JR Station 鳴門駅

Naruto JR Station (N10), is the terminus station on Naruto line.

Local trains leave Naruto for Tokushima at approx hourly intervals. Naruto JR Station is a relatively small train station, with no shops or tourist information center found within the same 1 storey building. After visiting Naruto Koen, I took the bus heading for Tokushima and alighted at the bus stop in front of Naruto JR Station. Transferred to the local train here to return to Tokushima.

What's nearby?

Naruto Koen bus stop
(1) Bus stop
Take the bus in front of Naruto JR Station and alight at the last stop Naruto Koen. Bus journey takes about 20 mins. 
At Naruto Koen, most of the attractions are within walking distance:
- Uzunomichi (渦の道): located beneath the road on Onaruto bridge, witness the famous whirlpools just beneath your foot. 
- Eddy Musuem (エデイ): Exhibition featured how Onaruto bridge was constructed and the mechanics of whirlpools in the strait of Naruto. Onaruto bridge can be seen on its rooftop observation deck. However, its elevation is not high enough to capture a aerial/complete view of Onaruto bridge.  
- Eska Hill (エスカヒル): Take a 68 m long escalator to the observatory deck. The view of Onaruto bridge here is much more magnificent as compared to Eddy Museum.

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