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Chugoku Sanyo, San-in 中国地方山陽、山陰 - Momotaro no Karakuri Museum 桃太郎のからくり博物館

Visited 17.04.2015 (Fri)

Story of Momotaro. The story of Momotaro, a famous Japanese folktale, is said to have originated from Okayama. I actually do recall watching cartoons (and even movie) adapted from the story of Momotaro when I was a child. It was about a kid who was born out of a gigantic peach and therefore named Momotaro and his heroic act to save villagers from ogres that were plaguing their homeland. In Okayama Prefecture, you can find Momotaro represented in various forms of media; the most prominent one being the statue located just in front of Okayama JR Station. A museum dedicated to this legendary folktale resides in Kurashiki city, within the Bikan district. Made our way here after the canal boat ride to relive our childhood memories of Momotaro.

Side notes:
- Found out later that the movie I watched when I was a kid was a Mandarin movie named "The Child of Peach" produced in Taiwan and was first screened in 1987.
- An excellent pictorial representation of the folktale:

Trick eye. Occupying a two storey traditional storehouse, Momotaro no Karakuri Museum actually appeals more to the younger audience. Upon entering the museum, a staff led us through the game facilities set up at various corners of the room, explaining/demonstrating to us how the games should be played. To me, the place felt like a mini trick eye museum, where most of them are visual illusion games. Apart from that, the museum also displayed an extensive collection of books, pictures, videos, toys featuring Momotaro that were published/produced over the years. Here, you can find books translated into numerous languages which are and can be enjoyed by/passed down to future generations. There is a mini theatre where visitors can sit down to enjoy nostalgic cartoons on the adventures of Momotaro and his comrades.

Regardless of age, I am pretty sure you will be amused by the visual illusion games played here!


Momotaro no Karakuri Museum 桃太郎のからくり博物館
Operating hours: 1000 - 1700 hrs
Entrance fee = 600 yen

How to get there? 

(1) By foot. Museum is located within Kurashiki Bikan district 倉敷美観地区; approximately 10 minutes walk from Kurashiki JR Station.

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