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Chugoku Sanyo, San-in 中国地方山陽、山陰 - Ajitsukasa Nomura 味司 野村

Visited 16.04.2015 (Thu)

Demi glace tonkatsu don - a B-grade gourmet food Okayama can be proud of!
B-grade gourmet of Okayama Prefecture. I started my search of B-grade gourmet as soon as I arrived in Okayama city. Loaded my luggage at the hotel and set off to the first place on my list of gourmet food to try during my stay here. Okayama's version of Tonkatsu don (カツ丼, otherwise known as fried pork cutlet rice bowl) is slightly different from what I have come across previously. Usually the pork cutlet is fried to crispy golden brown and is served on top of rice. Here, the rice bowl is finished with an additional scoop of demi glacé (デミグラスソース) sauce poured onto the pork cutlet. As demi glace sauce is more commonly used together with meat patty in burgers, this combination was unfamiliar to my taste buds. On first look, the colour of the sauce looked like curry to me but the aroma eventually gave it away as it was more sweet smelling rather than spicy. Tastewise, though not exceptional, the thick and savoury demi glace sauce goes well with both the meat and rice. In fact, the tonkatsu itself was already very delicious and cooked to perfection, with the meat juices retained wholesomely. For the meat, patrons get to choose between pork loin (rosu ロス) or pork tenderloin (hire ヒレ). The rice bowl also comes in different sizes to fulfill various customers' appetite. Menu is available in English as well.

Look at the mouth watering, runny eggs in this bowl of oyako don!
Equally good oyako don! If you are not a fan of tonkatsu, the restaurant also offers oyako don (親子丼, also known as chicken and egg rice bowl) on its menu. We ordered a bowl to try and it was equally good. Chicken was tender, egg was runny and sauce was not too sweet for my liking. It was so appetising that the entire bowl of oyako don was finished within minutes after served.
Overall, it was a successful food hunt episode in Okayama and I could not wait to uncover more gourmet food in this city!

Exterior of building; restaurant is located on the first floor. 

Ajitsukasa Nomura 味司 野村
岡山県岡山市北区平和町1-10 野村ビル 1F
Opening hours: 1100 - 2100 hrs
- About 7 minutes walk from Okayama JR Station East Exit (Higashi Guchi)
- About 1 minute walk from Okayama Electric Tramway Nishigawa Ryokudokoen Station (西川緑道公園駅).

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