Sunday, February 12, 2017

Chugoku Sanyo, San-in 中国地方山陽、山陰 - Miyake Shouten 三宅商店

Visited 17.04.2015 (Fri)

Sense of nostalgia. Located in Kurashiki Bikan District (倉敷美観地区), Miyake Shouten was built in the later years of Edo period and was once a sundry shop. Now it has been converted into a cafe with most of its original features retained/preserved. Upon stepping into Miyake Shouten, you will be greeted by a strong nostalgic ambience within the cafe. Aged wooden structures and furnishing, elevated platform with low tables and cushions as seats, these are some features are typically seen in traditional Japanese houses. Also noticed that there was a table located at the end of the house which looked outwards to a small garden compound - a good hideout to hang out with friends over a meal or drink.

Curry rice & parfait paradise. For lunch, Miyake Shouten serves only curry rice as their main course. The set comprises of curry, cooked using seasonal ingredients, served with brown rice, tsukemono (pickles) and soup. Curry gravy was very flavourful and moderately spicy, accompanied with greens, slices of potato and fried lotus root and all of us like it a lot. We ordered the curry set (available on weekdays) which came with a small dessert and drink (coffee/tea). Dessert served on the day of my visit was chiffon cake and a scoop of ice-cream, which was an extremely satisfying way to wrap up the entire lunch course. If you are a parfait lover, you will not want to miss their exciting line-up of flavours offered all year round! Okayama Prefecture being a kingdom of fruits, the parfaits in Miyake Shouten are created using seasonal fruits and will definitely satisfy any sweet tooth.

Washi tape fever! Anyone here is a fan of scrapbooking? If you are, MT washi tape will surely be found in your toolkit. During my spare time, I do some simple scrap booking and washi tape has always been such an easy-to-use material for any of my scrap booking project. In fact, Kurashiki is where MT washi tape originated from! In Miyake Shouten, there is a corner dedicated to these washi tape and the collection which is put up for sale here will make any washi tape lovers spoilt for choice. Having said that, there are actually many other shops in Kurashiki Bikan District which carry this brand of washi tape, so do keep a lookout for them as well while spending a leisure afternoon strolling in this area.

Look at the collection of MT washi tape!

Miyake Shouten 三宅商店
Opening hrs:
About 10 mins walk from Kurashiki JR Station.

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