Friday, August 21, 2015

Chugoku Sanyo, San-in 中国地方山陽、山陰 - Cafe Honmachi 喫茶ほんまち

Visited 17.04.2015

Right: Cafe Honmachi is loacted on the second floor.
Was flipping through this local magazine featuring the sights, sounds and food in Okayama when I was in Cafe Antenna on Day 1. A picture of an adorable latte art from one cafe caught my attention and sparked my interest to pay this cafe a visit if time permits on the next 3 days. The cafe is not remotely located, in fact just nearby Okayama JR Station.

Managed to fork out some time on Day 2 night to visit this cafe after a day trip to Kurashiki. With the help of GPS, we came to a row of shop houses but could not spot any prominent sign board from the cafe. After walking up and down that same row of shop houses at least once, my eye finally caught sight of this small board supported on a stool. This board was placed just in front of the flight of stairs leading to the second floor of a shop house unit - and yes, that was Cafe Honmachi's. For a moment, I hesitated whether I should go up because it fell short of my expectation in terms of appearance. Crossed my fingers and made my way up in the end.

Place was small with only one person attending to the entire cafe. Cafe could only occupy less than 15 diners - 2 to 3 small tables, some seats faced the window and wall and a few counter seats. The cafe allows diners to smoke, therefore the lingering tobacco smell in the enclosure could be uncomfortable for non-smokers (including us). With the thought that we would only just stay here for a short while and happened that there was a table (facing the wall) available, we decided to settle down and put up with the smell.

Delicious club sandwiches!
Cafe serves light snacks, drinks and desserts. Ordered two different types of club sandwiches and drinks to go with the food. Took some time for the food and drinks to come as he had to take on multiple roles - the waiter, barista, cook and cashier, yet still maintains his composure and control food quality as he completes the orders in a comfortable way. Fresh lettuce and tomatoes, tender chicken and moist scrambled eggs stuffed between fragrant black sesame toasts - loved how the various flavours came together harmoniously and this is definitely one of the best sandwiches I have eaten in my life. The BLT was equally good, with that pinch of heat (black pepper) emerged in the mouth as you take a bite into the sandwich.

Coffee was the main reason that brought me here and I must say it did not disappoint at all. Mocha, served in delicate English cups and saucer, came with a very nice latte art depicting a rabbit holding a heart, which will definitely bring a smile to any diner who receives the drink. Not only the cup of mocha looked nice, it tasted very good as well - very smooth and well-balanced in all aspects.

My cup of cafe mocha.
All the positive critics that I have gathered on the food and drinks diverted my attention away from the disturbing tobacco smell lingering in my surrounding. Glad to have come to this place after all! 


Cafe Honmachi 喫茶 ほんまち
岡山県 岡山市北区 本町 2-22 錦ビル 2F
Opening hrs: 1100 - 2400 hrs (Last order: 2300 hrs)
Approx 3 mins walk from Okayama JR Station

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