Friday, November 20, 2015

Tohoku 2015 東北の旅 - Day 1 Itinerary: Morioka 盛岡

Day 1: 09.10.2015
* Day 1 usage of JR East Pass (flexible 5 days out of 14 days)

SIN T1 (0150 hrs) > HND Int T1 (0950 hrs)
by JL038

Purchased JR East Pass.

HND > Hamamatsucho by Tokyo Monorail
Hamamatsucho > Tokyo via JR Yamanote Line

Hayabusa and Komachi at Morioka JR Station
Tokyo JR (1120 hrs) > Morioka JR 盛岡駅 (1333 hrs)
by Komachi 17

Checked in: Toyoko Inn Morioka Ekimae 東横イン盛岡駅前

Morioka JR Bus Stop 16 > Kencho.Shiyakusho 県庁市役所前
by Den Den Mushi Loop Bus でんでんむしバス(counterclockwise direction)

Lunch: cafe NOTE カフェノート

Bank of Iwate Former Head Office Main Building

Tea break: Rokubungi 珈琲六分儀 *Permanently closed in 2017

Cold noodles from Pyon Pyon.
Dinner: Pyon Pyon ぴょんびょん舎盛岡駅前店

- End of Day 1 -

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