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Hokkaido Revisit 2017 三回目の北海道の旅 - Furano Delice 菓子工房フラノデリス

Visited 28.10.2017 (Sat)
Previous visit:

I am back! This was one cafe I wanted very much to visit again in Furano, and my wish came true! Headed down to Furano on a weekend and made my way from Furano JR Station to Furano Delice using a rental bicycle. Nothing has changed much in the surroundings since I last visited this popular confectionery and sweets shop five years ago. Like an enchanted walkway, patrons have to walk through this sheltered path made of wood, slide between tree trunks before arriving at this country style house.

Sinfully delicious. As I reached slightly after it was opened for the day, I was able to secure a seat immediately in the dinning area. At the sweets display counter, I could not divert my attention away from the familiar and delicious double fromage cheese and pudding contained in milk bottles, which won my heart during my first visit. Had in mind to try something else this time round (first) and found out that they have a separate dessert menu, in which the items vary from time to time and are specially created for dining in. I was attracted to Millefullie Glace, a pretty looking dessert which looked like one served in a high end patisserie or cafe and decided to give it a try. Made up of puff pastry sandwiched with custard cream, this dessert totally boost my appetite for more. The secret is their custard cream which was oozing with rich eggy and milk flavour, captivating my taste buds with every mouthful. Yummy.

Double fromage cake is the deal. Could not resist the temptation anymore and ordered a double fromage cake, immediately after finishing my plate of dessert, to extend this delectable sensation. It was such a nostalgic feeling to tuck my teeth into this heavenly piece of cheese cake once again, and it surely did not disappoint! I have to exclaim that Furano Delice has made use of all wonderful ingredients, such as milk, eggs, flour, etc, that Hokkaido can offer to demonstrate how a delicious cheese cake should taste like skillfully. Glad to be back indeed.

Millefullie Glace + drink set = 1,080 yen
Double fromage cheese cake = 410 yen


Furano Delice 菓子工房フラノデリス
Operating hours: 1000 - 1800 hrs; closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

How to get there? 

(1) Furano Bus Lavender-go 富良野バス ラベンダー号
From the bus terminal in front of Furano JR Station, board Furano Bus Lavender Bus at Platform 4 (effect from 1 May 2018) heading for New Furano Prince Hotel. Alight at Hotel Naturwald and walk for another 10 minutes. 
Fee = 160 yen

Hotel Naturwald, where you should alight at from the bus and walk from here to Furano Delice.
(2) Furano Bus Goryo line 富良野バス 御料線
Similarly from the bus terminal in front of Furano JR Station, board Furano Bus Goryo line at Platform 3 heading for Goryo Ku Sen 御料9線. As compared to Lavender-go, there are significantly lower number of bus services (only three per day) operating along Goryo line.
Fee = 160 yen

Moriya, a souvenir shop which offers bicycle rental service as well. Located near Furano JR Station.
(3) By rental bicycle
Upon exiting from Furano JR Station, turn left and you will see a shop named Moriya もりや. Apart from being a souvenir shop, it offers bicycle rental services. The rental cost is 200 yen/hour for conventional bicycles and 500 yen/hour for battery operated bicycles. You can also choose to rent the bicycle for the entire day (need to return before the shop closes at 1900 hrs) - 1,000 yen for conventional bicycles and 3,000 yen for battery operated bicycles.

I chose this mode of transportation to get to Furano Delice, which is located in Kitanomine area 北の峰 of Furano city, this time round. Using the conventional bicycle, it took me at least 40 minutes to ride to my destination. To me, the ride was physically challenging because Kitanomine area is situated on a slope. There were times my legs were just too tired to overcome the gradient with the bicycle that I decided to walk and push the bicycle on and off during the journey. However, the return journey was a breeze since I was cruising down slope on most part of the trip. If given a chance to choose again, I think I will still stick to the normal bicycle, endure the strain inflicted on the first part of the journey and use the saved money to eat more sweets at Furano Delice. 

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