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Hokkaido Revisit 2017 三回目の北海道の旅 - Dining Chevre ダイニング シェーブル

Visited 28.10.2017 (Sat)

Different objective. When I came to Nakafurano the last time (five years ago), it was solely for the flower parks (Choei Lavender Park and Farm Tomita) which were blooming with lavender during the peak summer season. However, I am here this time round for a different purpose. Stayed in Furano Rising Sun for a night two weeks ago and managed to strike a casual conversation with the owner over a drink. Seek his advice on places he would recommend me to visit in Furano. Have visited most of the more well known sightseeing spots in the area and would love to visit other places which are more popular among the locals. Chevre was one of the two places (the other being Tokachidake Onsen) which he strongly recommended me to pay a visit to. Made a mental note about it and managed to tick off both places on my to-do list, on my last weekend in Hokkaido.

Chevre is a small, family operated Italian restaurant located near Nakafurano JR Station. Opened in Oct 2009, Chevre utilises fresh greens harvested from Furano and nearby areas, and other ingredients cultivated in Hokkaido in their culinary creations everyday. The seating capacity is pretty limited in this country style, wooden house - only two tables for 4, one table for 2 and two counter seats. Upon entering the restaurant, a lady came out to welcome me with an apologetic smile and enquired whether I was willing to wait for a while as the chef was still preparing food for two tables of guests. Not an issue for me as I had set aside ample time for lunch. Sat down and looked at the lunch mains available for the day.

Creamy burdock potage.

Salad and homemade bread.
Thumbs up! Chose the sauteed chicken with tomato sauce (若鳥のソテートマトソース) over pan fried salmon and shirako (秋鮭と白子のポワレ). The 1,200 yen (~15 SGD) set lunch came with soup (burdock potage), salad and a choice of either homemade bread or rice. Though it took quite some time for my food to be served, the wait was absolutely worthwhile. The sauteed chicken tasted amazing and was cooked to perfection. The meat under the crispy golden brown skin was succulent and complemented well with lightly acidic tomato sauce. Throughout the entire meal, my appeased tastebuds directed my head to nod in admiration for the chef ,with every cut of meat I put into my mouth. Not forgetting to mention the homemade bread, which was equally delicious too. I was elated to be able to savour such high quality yet affordable Italian food in this humble little town, and credits has to go to Furano Rising Sun who brought me to this hidden gem. This is a restaurant which should be given more recognition and not be overlooked.

On a side note, I am recommending tourists not to shun away from western cuisine when they are in Japan. Most of the time, you will be surprised by how well the locals here have mastered and executed the techniques to deliver incredibly delicious western food. Chevre is one fine example to this notion.

Sauteed chicken with tomato sauce.

Chevre ダイニング シェーブル
Opening hours: 1130 - 1500 hrs (last order at 1430 hrs); 1800 - 2100 hrs (last order at 2030 hrs)

How to get there?
Less than 3 minutes walk from Nakafurano JR Station 中富良野駅.

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