Saturday, November 21, 2015

Tohoku 2015 東北の旅 - Morioka JR Station 盛岡駅

Morioka JR Station is served by both Tohoku Shinkansen line 東北新幹線 and Akita Shinkansen line 秋田新幹線.

Between Tokyo and Morioka, Hayabusa (E5 series) and Komachi (E6 series) travel together. Upon reaching Morioka train station, both trains will be separated - you will get to see a small crowd standing at the connection between the train, waiting for the moment of separation. The sleek green Hayabusa train continues its journey northwards to Aomori, along Tohoku Shinkansen line. On the other hand, the stunning red Komachi train will move westwards to Akita along Akita Shinkansen line.

Morioka JR Station is also an interchange train station for several railway lines. From here, trains travel
  • North for Hachinohe and Shin-Aomori.
  • South for Ichinoseki, Sendai, Fukushima and Tokyo.
  • West for Kakunodate and Akita

What's nearby? 

(1) Iwate, Morioka Tourist Information Center, located on the South Exit. Collect/enquire essential information on attractions in Morioka and Iwate Prefecture.
Perks for tourists:
- Collect a free Wi-Fi pass here and follow the instructions to enjoy free Wi-Fi connection at numerous locations in eastern Japan for up to 14 days.
Free Wi-Fi Japan:
- Receive a souvenir (postcard) when you flash your JR East Pass here. There are many locations, mostly tourist information centers, participating in this gift campaign in Tohoku region. Therefore, don't forget to check with the staff on this small incentive after you have collected brochures/made an inquiry. 

Top right: FES"AN shopping mall; Bottom right: Platform 16 for Den Den Mushi Loop Bus
(2) FES"AN. A middle sized shopping mall which is connected seamlessly to the train station. MUJI, ABC Mart and Lowrys Farm can be found here. 
(3) Bus stops, located just in front of the North Exit. The best way to explore the local community is ride on Den Den Mushi Bus (でんでんむしバス) which cost only 100 yen per trip, regardless of the distance travelled. For frequent usage of this bus service within a day, you can purchase a one day pass which cost 300 yen. The bus frequency is reasonably good as well, at intervals of 10 - 20 mins during its operating hours (0900 - 1900 hrs).
- Platform 15: Clockwise direction
- Platform 16: Anticlockwise direction
- For Morioka Castle Park, alight at Bus Stop #16 Morioka Castle Park (盛岡城跡公園).
- For Bank of Morioka former head office main building and Morioka Takuboku & Kenji Museum, alight at Bus Stop #14 Morioka Bus Center (盛岡バスセンター).   


Commemorative stamps:

Morioka JR Station
* from Tourist Information Center
* from Tourist Information Center

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