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Hokkaido Summer 2012 北海道夏季之旅 - Furano Grape Juice Factory and Winery 富良野果汁工场, 富良野葡萄酒工场

Visited 10.07.2012

Furano Grape Juice Factory, much smaller scale as compared to the winery. Factory only opens for visitors during Summer season (May - Sep).
Overall, quite a small factory (less than 15 minutes to complete the tour). On the second floor, you can view related information on its cultivation and manufacturing processes, a tourism information corner, and a shop selling grape juices/wines, grape juice jellies and soft serves. A glimpse of its ground floor manufacturing line from the second level, however was not in operation when we were there.

Sampled their grape juices and had their soft serves (grape flavoured) at a discounted price of 200 yen with Kururu bus pass. Eventually, bought several bottles of 100% straight grape juices (both red and white) and jellies from the shop. One can really taste the rich and sweet flavours of grape in just one small soft serve!

Walked to Furano Winery, which took us approx 20 mins. Along the way, we saw plots of land that were solely dedicated to grape cultivation. However, we did not manage to spot any fruits hanging in the vineyard.

Similarly in the winery, we did not manage to catch a glimpse of its manufacturing process. Did sample various types of wines on its second floor, but was not a wine lover in the first place. Actual highlight was the huge lavender field beside the winery. Blooming lavender bushes & flowers covered the gentle slope. Standing among the flowers, occasional breezes brought along the aromatic natural scent of lavender.
- Received free postcards at the Winery, with the Kururu bus pass.
- Saw grapevines at the foot of Winery, and finally spotted some fruits, but were unripe.


Furano Grape Juice Factory (富良野果汁工场)


Furano Winery (Chateau Furano, 富良野葡萄酒工场)


How to get there?
(1) Kururu bus, only available from 1 July to 15 Aug.
(2) Furano bus, to Grape Juice Factory, Rokkatei, Winery and Farm Tomita. Only available in July and August. Fee = 150 yen.
Furano bus:
(3) Twinkle Bus Biei Lavender Course, makes a 20 mins stop at Furano Winery. Only available from 30 Jul to 12 Aug. Fee = 1000 yen.
(4) Taxi, about 1000 yen from Furano JR Station.

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