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Hokkaido Summer 2012 北海道夏季之旅 - Yuigadoxon 唯我独尊

Visited 10.07.2012

Specially came to Yuigadoxon for our first dinner in Hokkaido. Yuigadoxon is one of the most established (in terms of reputation) curry restaurant in Furano. Yes, in terms of restaurant's appearance, it does not look appealing at all. A two-storey wooden house hidden within the trees, looking out of place as compared to adjacent modern buildings. Got to know about this restaurant through Taiwan's popular gourmet search TV programme - 食尚玩家.

We were lucky to find no queue outside the restaurant on the day of visit (~ 6 pm). Interior of the shop does look a bit shabby and needs some form of refurbishing. The walls and pillars were covered with memo pads and cards, are written with praises for the food! Indeed, the savoury fragrance of curry could be detected several metres away as we were locating the shop.

A total of 29 types of spices were used in their signature curries, while homemade sausages was also one of their specialties. We ordered both homemade sausage curry (1100 yen) and omelette homemade sausage curry (1450 yen). Curry definitely lived up to its name, it was thick, not overpowering considering the huge amount of spices utilised, with a spicy aftertaste. Sausage was slightly on the saltier side for my tastebuds, but the meat was indeed well seasoned. Omelette was cooked to perfection, creamy and moist on the inside.

Overall, a very satisfying first dinner in a humble setting in Hokkaido!


Yuigadoxon 唯我独尊
< 10 mins walk from Furano JR Station
Opening hours: 1100 - 2100 hrs
Closed on Mondays (Tuesdays when Monday is a public holiday)

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Video: Restaurant was featured in 食尚玩家. Fast forward to 12:30 for their recommendation on Yuigadoxon.

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