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Hokkaido Summer 2012 北海道夏季之旅 - Day 1 Itinerary: Furano 富良野

Day 1 - 10.07.2012,142.384615&spn=0.038257,0.077162


Asahikawa Airport (1340 hrs) > Furano JR Station (1500 hrs)
via Lavender Bus, fee = 1000 yen
Bus stops at Biei JR Station, Kamifurano, Nakafurano and New Furano Prince Hotel (Last stop).
Lavender Bus:

Check in: Furano Natulux Hotel

Visited Tourist Information Centre, located outside Furano JR Station:
- Purchased Kururu bus pass.
- Collected Choei Lavender Park chairlift discount voucher (300 - 50 yen discount = 250 yen).
- Arranged half day sightseeing taxi for Day 3.


Attractions: Furano Grape Juice Factory and Winery

Furano JR Station > Grape Juice Factory
via taxi, fee = ~1000 yen
Had to take taxi because we missed the shuttle bus at 1520 hrs and the next one comes at 1620 hrs.

Grape Juice Factory > Winery (Chateau Furano)
approx 20 mins walk.

Winery (1726 hrs) > Furano JR Station (1730 hrs)
via Kururu bus, bus stop M.


Dinner: Yuigadoxon (唯我独尊), for omelette and homemade sausage curry rice.

Strolled to Furano Elementary School, location for Hokkaido geographical center marker.

- End of Day 1 -

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