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Hokkaido Summer 2012 北海道夏季之旅 - Anpanman Shop アンパンマンショップ

Visited 11.07.2012

Third attraction on the Twinkle Bus Furano route.

Anpanman is a well-known Japanese cartoon character and has been around since 1973. Rising popularity of this popular figure have created a whole range of related merchandises - virtually any children's product that you can think of! Shops and museums were also built to showcase this adorable looking character.
Apart from its flagship store located in Tokyo, museums are scattered all around Japan (Yokohama, Sendai, Kobe and Nagoya). To date, this outlet in Furano is the only shop opened outside Tokyo.

Anpanman shop was officially opened in July 2000. This modest building houses a merchandise shop on its ground level and a picture gallery on the second level.  

Frankly speaking, with most of the time spent tasting/shopping for jams, Anpanman shop was more of a touch-and-go attraction for us. We used the remaining time to take photos with the stone statues of Anpanman characters located outside the shop and did a quick tour of its ground level shop. Still managed to grab a goodies bag (735 yen) which contains sweets and biscuits, before hopping back onto the bus.


Anpanman shop アンパンマンショップ
Located beside Furano Jam Garden.
Opening hours: 0900 - 1730 hrs
Closed on Mondays during winter season (24 Nov - 20 Apr).

How to get there?

(1) Twinkle Bus Furano, makes a 40 mins stop at this attraction. Only available in Jun - Aug, weekends in Sep and Oct. Fee = 1000 yen.

(2) Infrequent local buses heading for Rokugo (麓乡) from Furano JR Station.
Alight at the last stop, takes about 40 min to 1 hr by foot (3.5 km) or you can choose to rent a bicycle instead. 
Refer to Furano bus website for updated bus schedule:

(3) Taxi, about 5000 - 6000 yen from Furano JR Station.

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