Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kyushu Spring 2014 九州春季之旅 - Kumamoto JR Station 熊本駅, Kumamoto City Tram 熊本市電

Kumamoto JR Station, serves both the local trains and Kyushu Shinkansen.

Main lines include:
(1) Kagoshima main line - travel northwards to Hakata and southwards to Kagoshima.

(2) Misumi line - connecting Kumamoto to Misumi.

(3) Hohi main line - connecting Kumamoto to Oita.

(4) Kyushu Shinkansen line - connecting Kumamoto to Hakata and Kagoshima.

Special sightseeing & limited express trains departing from/passing by Kumamoto JR Station include:
(1) 'A' train - commutes between Kumamoto and Misumi, along Misumi line.

(2) Aso Boy train - commutes between Kumamoto and Miyaji, along Hohi main line.

(3) SL Hitoyoshi - commutes between Kumamoto and Hitoyoshi, along Kagoshima main line and Hisatsu line.

(4) Kyushu Odan Tokkyu - commutes between Beppu and Hitoyoshi, passing by Kumamoto.


What's nearby?

Kumamoto ekimae tram station
(1) Kumamoto City Tram 熊本市電
- Take the tram from the train station to the busier district of Kumamoto city at Torichosuji (通町筋) and Suidoucho (水道町).
- To visit Kumamoto Castle, alight at Kumamoto Castle/City Hall stop (熊本城.市役所前).
- Each trip cost 150 yen, regardless of the number of stops travelled.
- One day unlimited tram ride pass cost 400 yen. Can be purchased from Tourist Information Counter in Kumamoto JR Station.

- Kumamoto City Tram has two lines and both meet at Karashimacho (辛島町):
A line (Red) - tram commutes between Tasakibashi (田崎橋) and Kengunmachi (健軍町), passes by Kumamoto JR Station.
B line (Blue) - tram commutes between  Kami Kumamoto Ekimae (上熊本駅前) and Kengunmachi (健軍町).


(2) Ekimachi 1-chome えきまえ1丁目
Make up of restaurants, fast food outlets and souvenir shops, all housed within the train station. Here you can drop by Keika Ramen to taste Kumamoto style ramen and visit familiar fast food outlets such as MOS Burger and Yoshinoya. A huge collection of merchandise featuring Kumamon, the adorable mascot of Kyushu, is made available in a handful of souvenir shops here.


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