Sunday, June 14, 2015

Kyushu Spring 2014 九州春季之旅 - Okada Coffee 岡田珈琲

Visited 20.03.2014

In actual fact, this is not my first time to Okada Coffee because I have been to its branch in Singapore, which has been around quite some time ago. Had their high tea set and signature Mont Blanc cake on several visits and I am quite pleased with the food so far. Told myself I have to pay this cafe a visit if I ever come to Kumamoto next time. Originated in 1945, Okada Coffee has been around in Kumamoto for 70 years and has established several branches within this prefecture as well.

Came to the main branch located in Kami Tori after dinner. A two storey shop house - first floor sells a variety of coffee beans, sweets and biscuits while the cafe is located on the second floor. Took the counter seats as the rest of the tables in the cafe were occupied. Despite the small space, wooden furnishings, dimmed lighting and usage of English style tableware, created a nostalgic and cosy atmosphere for diners.

Taste test. Ordered a slice of roll cake and Mont Blanc cake, accompanied with coffee and tea. Mont Blanc cake did not disappoint at all - crispy base topped with fragrant chestnut mousse and filling. In terms of taste, I find it quite similar to what they offered in Singapore. Roll cake was moist, wrapped with sweet and smooth chestnut cream - a perfect dessert to go with coffee/tea. Overall, this was on par with the Singapore's branch though I was actually expecting more from this visit. Nevertheless, still glad to know that the quality of food & beverages are not compromised in their overseas branches.


Okada Coffee (Kami Tori Main Branch) 岡田珈琲 (上通本店)
860-0845 熊本市上通り1-20
Opening hrs: 1000 - 2100 hrs

How to get there?
Take Kumamoto Streetcar (Route A from Kumamoto JR Station towards Kengunmachi 健軍町) and alight at Torichosuji 通町筋. Look out for Kami Tori covered walkway and Okada Coffee is the second shop on the left.


Okada Coffee Singapore Branch
100 Tras St, 100 AM building (Shopping complex connected to Amara Hotel), #03-23.
Opening hrs: 1030 - 2200 hrs

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