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Kyushu Spring 2014 九州春季之旅 - Attic アティック, Dejima Wharf 出島ワーフ-

Visited 20.03.2014

Left: Turkish rice
Turkish rice? As much as possible I will search for unique and famous gourmet originated from that particular area I am visiting. In Nagasaki Precfecture, the top three food on my list were Sasebo's burger, Champon noodles (or Chinese cuisine) and Castella cake. There is one more food which has an intriguing name, called Turkish rice. This dish totally aroused my curiosity because I could not relate Turkey to Nagasaki at all. 

Fusion yet separate entities. Made up of three components: fired pork cutlet (and fried ebi sometimes), Neapolitan spaghetti and saffron rice topped with curry. Despite the name, this dish did not originate from Turkey. I have read various stories explaining the origin of this name. When this dish was first introduced, it only has saffron rice, which is a Turish style of cooking. The side dishes (pork cutlet and spaghetti) were included on one fine day after patrons demanded more variety to be added to this dish. This expanded combination was well-received by locals and later became one of Nagasaki's signature gourmet. 

Enjoy the scenic view from Dejima Wharf; Background: Mt Inasa
Dropped by Dejima Wharf, our last stop in Nagasaki. Opened in 2000, Dejima Wharf is made up of a row of two storey shop houses with about 20 restaurants and shops. So happened to spot this restaurant, Attic, which served this local specialty. Decided to give it a try since it was time for lunch too. Serving was big making it quite worth the bucks, but the taste were not very impressive. It looks like food that will appear on my buffet plate (mixture of noodles and rice). Saffron rice, Neapolitan sauce and curry sauce, all have strong flavours and did not blend well together on a single plate. Not quite sure what is the rave behind this dish but I'm pretty sure this place did not serve the best Turkish rice in Nagasaki. Can only hope to taste this dish again from a different restaurant if I ever visit this city again. 

Anyone has a better recommendation?


Attic アティック   
長崎県長崎市出島町1-1 長崎出島ワーフ1F美術館側
Opening hrs: 1100 - 2300 hrs (Fri & Sat - open till 2330 hrs)

Dejima Wharf 出島ワーフ-


How to get there?
(1) By Streetcar - Take line 1 and alight at Dejima. Less than 2 mins walk from streetcar stop.


Video: Dejima Wharf and Attic were featured in 遇约九州, a Taiwan produced travel program promoting Kyushu. Scroll to 27:12 on their recommendation.

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