Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hokkaido Winter 2013 北海道冬季之旅 - Kitahama JR Station 北浜駅

Kitahama JR Station (B76), on Senmo main line.
Ryuhyo Norokko Train (流氷ノロッコ号) makes a 10 minutes stop at this train station during its operation in winter.


- This is the train station closest to Okhotsk Sea - approximately 20 to 25 metres from the coastline. An observatory deck erected beside the train station provides a panoramic and magnificent view of Okhotsk Sea. The view is breathtaking especially between January to March when huge masses of ice floes are carried southwards from Amur River in Russia to coastal regions of Hokkaido.

- This relatively small train station is not manned by any operator. However, an interesting sight awaits in the waiting area. Various forms of writing materials (postcards, business cards, papers, tickets, receipts etc) with messages scribbled on them were pinned onto the walls and ceiling, and all these small pieces of "art" were contributed by visitors from all around the world! A cafe (停车场) is also housed within the same train station. Read from travel guides that the commemorative stamp for this train station can be found in the cafe.

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Do you know? Kitahama JR Station appeared in the movie "If You Are The One (非诚勿扰)" released in 2008, starring Ge You and Shu Qi. Part of this movie was shot in East Hokkaido. Fast forward all the way to 1:08:46 for the scene captured at the train station.


  1. Your blog is the best answer to my obsession for Hokkaidō. The shots of this train station in particular are amazing! Thank you!!

    1. Hi sohisushi! Glad that you like my post. This is the train station closest to Okhotsk Sea and the view here is spectacular in winter!

  2. Hi hsuchia!
    Your blog is great to know more about Japan.
    Did you intend to cover all Japan destinations?

    Anyway, I also visited this station last Jan 2015, and found this place is a great way to do spamming of namecards. Wwwwww...
    Here is my journey in Hokkaido, feel free to read or comment:

    Thanks for sharing!
    "It's not just about the destination, but the journey"

    1. Hi George! Thanks for visiting! The view of Okhotsk Sea from Kitahama JR Station was breathtaking during the drift ice season. Will love to return to this train station again one day. I have been exploring the less metropolitan face of Japan, especially nostalgic hot spring towns. Love their sightseeing trains as well.
      How about you? What do you like about Japan? And where will you want to go next?

      Your blog is awesome too!

    2. Yes, I agree!
      Especially if you climb up the wooden tower next to the building and take pic in high angle. The landscape is so majestic.
      Unfortunately, I missed that moment.

      Of course, a bit off beaten track or road less traveled journey is always more interesting. Japan natural landscape and pastoral life are also breathtakingly awesome.
      I searched your archives and found a lot of or maybe all of the articles are about Japan. Does it mean that you live there?

      Personally, I prefer Japan countrysides to metropolitan/big cities. I had always admired to visit Hokkaido since long ago... So, if I have a chance to visit Japan, it must be Hokkaido first.
      Then, amazingly I got chance to visit Hokkaido last January. Since that, that island had taken a fancy for me.

      Next, I want to explore more of Hokkaido's town at the edge: Nemuro, Wakkanai, Shiretoko.
      Yes, this is becoming a passion :)

      "It's not just about the destination, but the journey"

    3. Hi George! I don't stay in Japan, but I have been making annual trips to Japan since 2011! I have been to Hokkaido twice, once in summer (Jul), the other time was in winter (Feb). I hope to make another trip to Hokkaido (in a different season) when Shinkansen is extended to Hakodate next year. Same place but scenery is totally different every season. Want to move northwards to Wakkani on my next trip too!
      If you like countryside/ laidback atmosphere, I will recommend Shikoku too (just trying to churn out details of my visit there last Nov). Helpful locals, beautiful scenery and slower pace of life, these are the wonderful memories I had for this small island.
      After every trip to Japan, the thought of making my next trip there will just surface automatically on my mind. You just want to continue exploring and uncovering the less known roads/places in Japan.