Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Hokkaido Winter 2013 北海道冬季之旅 - Day 5 Itinerary: Abashiri 網走, Sounkyo 層雲峡

Day 5 - 07.02.2013

Breakfast: Hotel Route Inn Abashiri

Abashiri JR Station > Lake Abashiri
via taxi. Fee = ~1,500 yen

Visited "Discover the New Northern Continent! Attaka Abashiri" - Lake Abashiri Winter Festival

Lunch: Cafeteria in event venue.

Lake Abashiri > Abashiri JR Station
via taxi.

Abashiri JR Station (1417 hrs) > Kamikawa JR Station (1710 hrs)
via Ryuhyo Express Okhotsk no kaze. Day #2 usage of 4 day flexible Hokkaido Rail Pass.

Kamikawa JR Station (1715 hrs) > Sounkyo Kanko Hotel (1800 hrs)
via Twinkle Bus Sounkyo-go. Fee = 500 yen

Check in: Sounkyo Kankou Hotel

Dinner: Sounkyo Kankou Hotel

Visited 38th Sounkyo Hyoubaku Matsuri (Sounkyo Ice Fall Festival).

- End of Day 5 -

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