Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hokkaido Winter 2013 北海道冬季之旅 - Sukiya すき家 (39号網走新町店)

Visited 06.02.2013

Sukiya, is a fast food restaurant chain in Japan, well-known for their gyu-don (beef rice bowl). It is currently the largest gyu-don restaurant in Japan, with more than 1800 outlets. Have eaten gyu-don from Matsuya (松屋) and Yoshinoya (which Singaporeans are more familiar with) on previous occasions - relatively low cost, yet delicious and satisfying quick meal one can get in Japan!

In fact, there are not many eateries/restaurants located within close proximity to the train station and Sukiya happens to be one of the few around. Decided to patronise Sukiya as we did not intend to travel too far away from our hotel, especially in this cold weather. 

Even though the restaurant did not provide any English/Mandarin menu, the clear pictures made ordering easier than expected. 
- Select from a variety of toppings/sauces for your beef rice bowl: mixed vegetables, onions, yam, cheese, kimchi, ponzu, etc. 
- Choose the size of rice bowl: mini, small, medium, large, extra large and mega size. 
- Complete your meal with miso soup, pickles, salad, egg, beancurd, chicken karaage (fried chicken) etc. 

Ordered a small beef bowl topped up with huge serving of crunchy onions and a raw egg. The beef rice bowl did not disappoint me once again and whetted my appetite totally. Sad to say, the version we get in Singapore (such as Yoshinoya) is not as good as what I have eaten in Japan...  


Sukiya すき家 - 39号網走新町店

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Other food options?

(1) Yakiniku Abashiri Beer Hall - about 7 minutes walk from Abashiri JR Station. This BBQ restaurant is owned by Abashiri Brewery, which is well-known for their colourful draft beer creations.
Restaurant website:

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