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Hokkaido Winter 2013 北海道冬季之旅 - Grand Glacier Restaurant Daihyogen

Visited 06.02.2013

Grand Glacier Restaurant Daihyogen is located on the ground floor of Abashiri Central Hotel. Hotel is approximately 10 - 15 minutes walk from Abashiri JR Station and a stone throw away from Abashiri Bus Terminal. Did contemplate to stay in this hotel for the sake of patronising this restaurant. Gave up the idea after some research as the rooms were more pricey despite not located near the train station.

Reached our destination after 10 minutes walk from Michinoeki (Aurora Ice Breaker Cruise Terminal). Was taken aback when my eyes set upon the classy interior of the restaurant. Sat down and browsed through the menu and heaved a sigh of relief when I found out that food was not too expensive here. No English menu was available and I had to pick my food based on the pictures featured in the book.


- Okhotsk drift ice white curry rice set -
(1) Okhotsk drift ice white curry rice set (1,313 yen): Drift ice being the most popular activity/event in Abashiri, has given rise to many creative dishes, all named after (and looked like) this phenomenon which is only encountered during the winter season. In this signature dish created exclusively by the restaurant, white curry is used to depict drift ice floating on the sea of Okhotsk. Rice is accompanied with fresh surf clam, crab and well-sealed scallops and topped with raisins. Curry was savoury, enhancing the sweetness locked within the seafood. This set meal comes with a dessert which fits the theme as well - a delectable scoop of vanilla ice cream "floating" in a cup of light blue coloured syrup. Having this set meal did make my drift ice expedition felt much more completed!

(2) Shio Ramen (850 yen): Topped up with dried scallops from Okhotsk sea, this bowl of ramen tingled our tastebuds! Soup was light and clear, less oily than the usual pork bone based. All felt that the taste of the soup was closer to what we would get at home. It was so yummy that we managed to gulp down the entire bowl of soup! Nothing beats having a warming bowl of ramen in this chilly weather.

(3) Tempura set (900 yen): A mixture of prawn and vegetables tempura, served together with rice and udon.

Overall, the dining experience in Daihyogen was memorable. One thing I noticed was that this restaurant do allow diners to smoke in their premises, therefore do sound off your concern (if any) to the waiters/waitresses before seated.

Recognition: Abashiri Central Hotel was awarded two stars in Hokkaido Michelin 2012 Guide.


Grand Glacier Restaurant Daihyogen
Abashiri Central Hotel 網走セントラルホテル

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