Monday, August 5, 2013

Hokkaido Winter 2013 北海道冬季之旅 - Washo Market 和商市场

Visited 05.02.2013

Washo Market, together with Sapporo's Nijo Market and Hakodate Asaichi, are known as the top three markets in Hokkaido. Being located near the fishing port, Washo Market has plenty of fresh seafood to offer everyday! As tourists, it is unlikely (and impractical) for us to be lugging these seafood back home from market. The main reason why most people make it a point to visit this market is to savour Kushiro's specialty - katte-don (勝手丼)! 

Katte-don is actually pretty similar to chirashi - a bowl of rice topped up with various kinds of seafood. However, for the former, you can choose which seafood to appear on top of your bowl of rice! First buy a bowl of rice (which is available in different sizes) from one of the stalls and with that bowl of rice, approach shops with big banners/signboards inscribing "勝手丼" to start creating your very own katte-don. Choose from a wide variety of seafood, whereby the price for each slice/portion are clearly displayed. My own version of katte-don comprised of uni (sea urchin), ika (squid), scallop, clams and otoro (fatty tuna) and all tasted superb! The uni was creamy, scallop was firm and sweet, and not forgetting the piece of fatty tuna which literally melted in our mouths. For the more adventurous folks, you may want to try out raw whale meat here in Washo Market (was not daring enough to eat that).


Washo Market 和商市场
< 3 mins walk from Kushiro JR Station.
Opening hours: 0800 - 1800 hrs

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Video: Washo Market was featured in one of the episodes from《Women 爱旅行》. Fast forward to 26:50 on highlights in Washo Market.

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