Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hokkaido Winter 2013 北海道冬季之旅 - Lake Mashu 摩周湖

Visited 05.02.2013

First attraction on Twinkle Bus Shiretoko-go Shibecha-Kawayu line.

A beautiful crater lake located in Teshikaga town, well known for its clear waters. Lake Mashu is about 20 km in perimeter, occupying an area of 19 km2. Weather was good on the day of visit and we managed to get a panoramic view of the entire lake.

Myth? On most days, the lake is obscured by fog and mist. And it is said that one will be down on luck if he/she sees the clear water surface. Hopefully this is not true...


Lake Mashu 摩周湖

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How to get there?

(1) JR Twinkle Bus: 
- Twinkle Bus Shiretoko-go available from Feb to Mar. Fee = 1,000 yen.
- Twinkle Bus Doto Shitsugen/Shiretoko available from July to August.
JR Hokkaido:

(2) Local bus:
- Operated by Akan Bus, local bus (Mashu line, 摩周线) departs from Mashu JR Station and terminates at Lake Mashu first observatory. Two round trips per day.
Bus schedule:

(3) Sightseeing bus:
- Operated by Akan Bus, this 1 day sightseeing bus departs from Kushiro JR Station and makes a stop at Lake Mashu.
Akan Bus:
From April to October:
From January to February:


  1. Hi,

    Do u have any ideas what's the bus fares to Lake Mashu by the local bus at Mashu station during winter?

    1. Hi Moonmoon,

      Based on the website, Mashu line service (offered by Akan Bus) is only in operation from Apr to Oct. From Mashu JR Station to Lake Mashu, the fee is 560 yen.