Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hokkaido Winter 2013 北海道冬季之旅 - Mt Iwo 硫黄山

Visited 05.02.2013

Second attraction on Twinkle Bus Shiretoko-go Shibecha-Kawayu Line.

Mt Iwo stands at 512 m tall and is an active volcano. Thick fumes can be seen arising continuously from several spots in the mountain, yet another first hand encounter with a "living" earth (after Jigokudani) right in front of my eyes.

Snow build up was too thick for us to venture closer towards the mountain. Therefore, it was mainly photo taking and snow playing in front of the fuming volcano.


Mt Iwo/Iou-zan 硫黄山



How to get there?

(1) JR Twinkle Bus: 
- Twinkle Bus Shiretoko-go available from Feb to Mar. Fee = 1,000 yen.
- Twinkle Bus Doto Shitsugen/Shiretoko available from July to August.
JR Hokkaido:

(2) Sightseeing bus:
- Operated by Akan Bus, this 1 day sightseeing bus departs from Kushiro JR Station and makes a stop at Mt Iwo.
Akan Bus:
From April to October:
From January to February:

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