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Chugoku Sanyo, San-in 中国地方山陽、山陰 - Super Hotel Izumo Ekimae スーパーホテル出雲駅前

Stayed 20.04.2015 (Mon)
Reserved via
- Semi Double Bedroom (for one person) = 5,480 yen
- Super Room (for two person) = 8,980 yen

Right: Double bed on lower deck and single bed on upper deck.
Pleasant debut. This was my first time staying with Super Hotel. The main reason for choosing Super Hotel this time round was its strategic location to the train station. At the end of my stay here, I was pleasantly satisfied with various aspects of this hotel, to the point that there is nothing to nitpick about. One of the features I like to rave about Super Hotel is their extraordinary collection (in my opinion) of pillows to choose from at the front desk - catered to ensure hotel guests get a good night rest. Apart from that, their complimentary breakfast selection offered is one of the best when compared to equivalent budget business hotels in Japan. Have stayed in several Super Hotel after that (in Matsumoto and Osaka) and have experienced similar service standards in all these branches I have stayed in. Follow a separate post I have written for Super Hotel Matsumoto Ekimae.

Double deck bed. Similar to other competitors with same operating model, all basic amenities are well taken care of here. In Super Hotel, an electronic lock system is utilised for their guestrooms. Upon check-in, the staff will issue a slip of paper with a numerical password. Guest will have to key in the password on the number padlock found on the door of the assigned room in order to unlock it. Do carry this slip of paper when you leave the room or alternatively take a photo of the password as soon as you receive it. My parents stayed in the Super Room which can occupy up to two person. It comprises of two beds - a double bed which is 140 cm in width and a single bed on the upper deck. I did a quick check on their hotel website and realised that the maximum occupants per room has been reduced to two for this particular branch (I recalled for a Super Room in the past, it was able to hold up to three person). Therefore, do take note of this limitation when making the room reservation.


What's nearby?

(1) Izumo-shi JR Station 出雲市駅.

(2) Ichibata Dentetsu Izumo-shi 一畑電車電鉄出雲市駅, located on the North Exit of Izumo-shi JR Station.
From this starting station, board the train and alight at Kawato (川跡); transfer to another train heading for Izumo Taisha (出雲大社) if you want to visit one of the most prestigious landmarks of Shimane Prefecture. Otherwise continue your journey to the terminus station, Matsue Shinjiko Onsen (松江しんじ湖温泉).

(3) Ichibata Departmental Store 一畑百貨店出雲店
There is a small scale shopping centre (only one floor) located on the North Exit of Izumo-shi JR Station.
Operating hours: 1000 - 1830 hrs


Super Hotel Izumo Ekimae スーパーホテル出雲駅前
〒693-0008 島根県出雲市駅南町1丁目3番地3

How to get there?
A stone throw away from Izumo-shi JR Station South Exit (Minami Guchi).

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