Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Chugoku Sanyo, San-in 中国地方山陽、山陰 - Day 5 Sakaiminato 境港

Day 5: 20.04.2015
* Day 5 of 7 Days Sanyo & San'in Area Pass 

Misasa Onsen in the day.
Breakfast: Mansuirou 万翆楼

Free hotel shuttle service from Mansuirou to Kurayoshi JR Station.

Kurayoshi JR 倉吉駅 (0858 hrs) > Tottori JR鳥取駅 (0927 hrs) 
by Super Matsukaze 4 *Took the wrong train which was heading in the opposite direction.

Tottori JR 鳥取駅 (0944 hrs) > Yonago JR 米子駅 (1045 hrs)
by Super Oki スーパーおき 3.

Yonago JR 米子駅 (1136 hrs) > Sakaiminato JR 境港駅 (1220 hrs)
by Kitaro Ressha 鬼太郎列車.

Mizuki Shigeru Museum
Visited Mizuki Shigeru Road 水木しげるロード.

Visited Mizuki Shigeru Museum 水木しげる記念館[Discounted entrance fee for foreigners = 300 yen]

Visited Gegege no Youkai Rakuen ゲゲゲの妖怪楽園.

Sakaiminato JR 境港駅 (1554 hrs) > Yonago JR 米子駅 (1645 hrs)
by Kitaro Ressha 鬼太郎列車.

Yonago JR 米子駅 > Yasugi JR 安来駅
by local train.

Yasugi JR 安来駅 (1728 hrs) > Izumo-shi JR 出雲市駅 (1813 hrs)
by Yakumo やくも 17.

Checked in: Super Hotel Izumo Ekimae スーパーホテル出雲駅前

Dinner: MOS Burger

- End of Day 5 -

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