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Chugoku Sanyo, San-in 中国地方山陽、山陰 - Izumo-shi JR Station 出雲市駅, Dentetsu Izumo-shi Station 電鉄出雲市駅

South Exit of Izumo-shi JR Station.
Izumo-shi JR Station (出雲市駅) is located on San'in main line.
For my trip, I decided to stay put in Izumo-shi for the night after visiting Sakaiminato and set off for Izumo Taisha via Ichibata Railway on the following morning.

Limited express trains serving this station include:
(1) Limited Express Yakumo (やくも), commutes between Okayama and Izumo-shi, via Yonago, Yasugi, Matsue and Tamatsukuri Onsen. It takes about three hours to travel between Okayama and Izumo-shi.
(2) Limited Express Super Matsukaze (まつかぜ), commutes between Tottori and Masuda, via Kurayoshi, Yonago, Matsue and Izumo-shi.
(3) Limited Express Super Oki (おき), commutes between Tottori and Shin Yamaguchi, via Kurayoshi, Yonago, Matsue, Izumo-shi, Masuda, Tsuwano, Yamaguchi and Yuda Onsen.
(4) Sunrise Express (サンライズエクスプレス), commutes between Tokyo and Izumoshi.

Presenting Shimanekko (しまねっこ), the mascot of Shimane Prefecture. 
Izumo-shi JR Station surrounding, viewed from Super Hotel Izumo Ekimae.

Dentetsu Izumo-shi Station 一畑電車電鉄出雲市駅

Ichibata Densha (or Ichibata Electric Railway) is made up of two lines:
- Taisha line (大社線), which connects Izumo Taisha (出雲大社) to Kawato (川跡).
- Kita Matsue line (北松江線), which connects Izumo-shi to Matsue Shinjiko Onsen (松江しんじ湖温泉).
The interchange train station between both lines is Kawato.
For Izumo Taisha, board the train from Izumo-shi and alight at Kawato (川跡). Transfer to another train at a different platform heading for Izumo Taisha (出雲大社) via Taisha line. One way train fare = 490 yen (adult).
For Shinjiko Onsen, board the train from Izumo-shi and alight at the terminus station, Matsue Shinjiko Onsen (松江しんじ湖温泉).

* Please take note that rides on Ichibata Electric Railway are not covered by JR West Sanyo San'in Area Pass. 
If you plan to make multiple trips using Ichibata Electric Railway, you can purchase 1 Day Free Pass at 1,500 yen (adult).

Shimanekko-go train. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to board on Shimanekko-go (しまねっこ号), a pink coloured train featuring Shimane Prefecture's very own mascot - Shimanekko! What makes this train so endearing and extremely popular among females is the cushioned seats and carpet are all pink in colour! You will be surprise to find an adorable figurine of Shimanekko, sitting on one of the seats in the train, accompanying all the riders throughout its train journey.
As the time at which Shimanekko-go operates varies with dates, do check out its schedule first on Ichibata Electric Railway website if you intend to board this train.

Spotted Shimanekko-go train (on the right) at Kawato Station.
Such a cute train!

What's nearby?

(1) Hotels. There are a handful of hotels dotted around the train station, making it an ideal place to stop by for a day, especially for tourists intending to visit Izumo Taisha.
- South Exit: Super Hotel Izumo Ekimae, Dormy Inn Izumo
- North Exit: Toyoko Inn Izumo-shi Ekimae

(2) Ichibata Departmental Store 一畑百貨店出雲店
There is a small scale shopping centre (only one floor) located on the North Exit of Izumo-shi JR Station.
Operating hours: 1000 - 1830 hrs

(3) MOS Burger Izumo Eki Kitacho (モスバーガー出雲駅北町店), located about 3 minutes walk away from the North Exit of train station.
From what I recalled, there are not many food options nearby the train station especially at night. On the night of my stay in Izumo-shi, we settled our dinner at MOS Burger restaurant. I have been a fan of this Japanese fast food chain ever since it set foot in Singapore and I make it a point to patronise the local version on almost every trip in Japan. So far, my conclusion has remained the same after numerous visits: the local version is still better than Singapore's, especially when it comes to its signature rice burger.

(4) Izumo Ekimae Post Office (出雲駅前郵便局), located on the North Exit of train station.


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