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Chubu Nagano & Niigata 中部 長野、新潟 - Super Hotel Matsumoto Ekimae スーパーホテル松本駅前

Stayed 18.10.2016 (Tue)
Booked thru'
- Single Room = 6,080 yen
- Super Room = 8,700 yen

When it comes to searching for accommodation in a city area, my first choice normally goes out to Toyoko Inn because of its affordable rates and decent service. However, the branch in Matsumoto is located slightly further away from the train station; approximately 6 minutes walk required. Landed on Super Hotel eventually as it is comparatively nearer (maybe 1 minute closer) and prices are pretty competitive despite its strategic location. Having stayed in Super Hotel twice (first time was in Izumo), I have to concur that Super Hotel is better than Toyoko Inn, in terms of facilities and service. Based on my experience so far, I find that Super Hotel pays a lot of attention to ensure guests get the most rest and rejuvenation during their stay here.

Rejuvenation. Take the lift to the lobby located on the second floor. Check in procedure was a breeze and we were handed over a slip of paper indicating the room number and the passcode to input into the device attached to the doors to unlock the room - just like a safe box. Conventional key system does not exist here in Super Hotel. Female guests are also entitled to additional perks; upon checking in, the staff will lead them to a drawer filled with face masks, bath powder and other toiletries and they can choose up to five items! There is a coffee machine available for guests to bring complimentary coffee back into their rooms to enjoy. For those who are extremely particular about their pillow, you will be excited to see a shelf neatly arranged with various kinds of pillows catering to the needs of different people, all for the same objective to grab a good night sleep.

Sumptuous breakfast. No different from other business hotel chains, the rooms in Super Hotel are equipped with basic amenities. Both single and super room are 12 m2 in floor area, a size which is typical for many budget business hotels. The super room has a 140 cm wide bed and an upper deck single bed to hold up to three people. Complimentary breakfast was buffet style served in a spacious area, on the same level as the lobby, and a good variety of Japanese and western food options were available. Super Hotel even has its own line up of salad dressing, emphasizes on exclusion of chemical preservatives and ingredients which can create common food allergies. All ingredients you need to create a healthy and balanced breakfast are provided here - organic greens, grilled fish, stewed meat and root vegetables, local specialties, bread, cereals, fruit juices etc, were served on the following morning. All in all, very impressed and satisfied by the quality service extended by Super Hotel!

Left: Corner with brochures and reference materials to attractions nearby; Right: Ladies' corner where beauty items can be picked up.

What's nearby?

(1) Matsumoto Ekimae Post Office 松本駅前郵便局, located on the other side of the road junction, diagonal to the hotel.
Operating hours: 0900 - 1700 hrs on weekdays

Postcard collection. I am always on the lookout for post offices whenever I am in Japan, and especially when I visit a new prefecture on the map. After I discovered the existence of the regional exclusive postcards introduced by Posta Collect a couple of years ago, I have been an avid collector since then! What I like most about these postcards is their accurate representation of what each region is unique for - something that I can fondly remember the place for. For Nagano's version, prominent landmarks such as Zenkoji (善光寺) and Matsumoto Castle (松本城), natural landscape such as Kamikochi (上高地) and food such as Oyagi and apples were featured on these postcards on different years. It has gotten a bit additive for me to the point that I plan visits/detours to post offices, which are usually only open during weekdays, into my itinerary as well!
Tip: In fact, the true collectible items are the mini versions of these postcards which are not for sale. On rare occasions, the staff will give me a few to choose from, which I guess is subjected to availability as well. Glad to receive the mini versions of Matsumoto Castle and Zenkoji from this visit!
Nagano Prefecture's Posta Collect postcards:

Matsumoto Castle was featured in 2010's series.

Super Hotel Matsumoto Ekimae スーパーホテル松本駅前

How to get there?
Approx 5 minutes walk from Matsumoto JR Station East Exit.

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