Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Shikoku Autumn 2014 四国秋季之旅 - Uchiko JR Station 内子駅

Uchiko JR Station (U10), on Yosan and Uchiko line.

A rather small scale train station - essentially a house with train tracks running above it. Coin lockers are available at this station - safe keep your luggage here such that you can walk to the main historic preservation district with a lighter load.

Limited express trains that serve Uchiko JR Station:
(1) Limited express Uwakai (宇和海), which commutes between Uwajima and Matsuyama, along Yosan line.

What's nearby?

(1) Tabirian (旅里庵), located just adjacent to the train station.
This is a tourist information center which is constructed to look like one of the preserved houses seen in Uchiko. Visitors can collect town walking maps and brochures to attractions in Uchiko here. A limited selection of specialty goods from Uchiko such as papers, candles and candle holders are also on sale here. As it takes about 25 mins to walk from the train station to the preservation zone, renting a bicycle to speed up the journey becomes a popular option - bicycles rental service are available in Tabiran as well.
Website: http://www.iyokannet.jp/front/spot/detail/place_id/2001/

(2) Uchiko-za Theater (内子座), about 10 mins walk from the train station.
This is the nearest attraction to the train station. A century old wooden theater which was once the town's main entertainment spot where performances such as Kabuki (Japanese classical drama) and Bunraku (puppet theater) took place. This historical building has been preserved and guided tour are provided to explain the various characteristics and features of the theater.
- Admission fee = 400 yen
- Set ticket for Uchiko-za Theater, Japanese Wax Museum & Kamihaga Residence (木蝋資料館上芳賀邸) and Museum of Commercial & Domestic Life (商いと暮らし博物館) = 900 yen

Cherry blossom trees in the background.
(3) Weeping cherry blossom trees along Gonotani River (郷之谷川)
Along the way from the train station to Uchiko-za Theatre, you will cross Gonotani River and spot rows of weeping cherry blossom trees on both sides of the riverbank. The best time to witness the blooming flowers is from mid March onwards.
Website: http://www.we-love-uchiko.jp/spot_suburbs/spot_k7/

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