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Shikoku Autumn 2014 四国秋季之旅 - 7 Days Hotel セブンデイズホテル

Stayed 22.11.2014
Reserved thru'
- Single = ~81 SGD
- Adjoining rooms = ~154 SGD

Left and safe kept our luggage with 7 Days Hotel Plus on Day 6 (Tues) and returned on Day 10 (Sat) to retrieve our luggage. Decided to try out 7 Days Hotel on our last night in Shikoku, located a few blocks away. Even though both hotels are under the same company, they are not connected by any private walkway.

Design & Facilities. Being the older one out of the two, this hotel has similar minimalist concept as the newer 7 Days Plus Hotel. Following a conventional no frills business hotel operating philosophy, 7 Days Hotel has this additional homely touch in my perspective. Simple yet modern furniture selection are what I will like to have in my own room. As there are no twin room available here, two adjacent rooms will be combined if you are opting for two beds - and you get two bathrooms for such adjoining room arrangement. In my opinion, both hotels are equally good. One other difference between both hotels is that 7 Days Hotel serves only continental breakfast (bread and drink) and does not offer Japanese style breakfast option.  


What's nearby?

(1) Nichiyoubi Market (Sunday Market) 日曜市. Approx 7 mins walk from hotel, this Sunday local market occupies the road that stretches from Haisuike-machi-dori tram stop to Kochi Castle. Lined with booths selling mainly local produce and specialties, the Sunday Market operates as early at 0500 hrs and is one way to get in touch with the local people and culture. Made my way leisurely to the market after breakfast on my last day in Shikoku. Strolled down the road to see what every stall has to offer and stopped every now to enjoy some of the local snacks.    

Pudding from Pousser.
(2) Boulangerie Pousser ブーランジュりー プウセ. 
Opening hrs: 0700 - 1900 hrs
A French bakery located just behind 7 Days Hotel Plus, recommended to me by the owner of Terzo Tempo cafe. Did pop by the bakery before we boarded the airport transfer bus to Kochi Ryoma Airport. This bakery is quite a popular with the locals as most of the items were sold out when we were there in the late afternoon. Bought a few breads and a pudding to try and the experience was delectable.  


7 Days Hotel セブンデイズホテル 
高知県高知市はりまや町2-13-17 〒780-0822

From Kochi JR Station, take Tosaden Electric Tram and alight at Hasuike-machi-dori (蓮池町通) stop. About 5 - 7 mins walk from this tram stop.

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