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Shikoku Autumn 2014 四国秋季之旅 - Takamatsu Terminal Hotel 高松ターミナルホテル

Stayed 13.11.2014 (Thu) - 14.11.2014 (Fri)
Booked thru'
- Triple room = 16,200 yen/night


First leg of this trip was to explore Kagawa Prefecture - spent one day in Takamatsu and the remaining two days in Naoshima and Shodoshima. Was searching for a hotel near the train station - the closet hotel is JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu (owned by JR Group), which is also the most expensive among all options. The established hotel chain brands such as Super Hotel and Dormy Inn are located nearer to Kawaramachi train station, about two stations away from Takamatsu Chikko (via Kotohira Electric Railroad). Found Takamatsu Terminal Hotel eventually, a reasonably priced mid scale hotel, which is located about 2 minutes walk away from the train station. Unfortunately, I could not find any rooms available in multiple hotel booking portals (including the main hotel website). Tried my luck every now and then, hoping someone would change his/her plan and give up the rooms. Just about one month before the departure date, I chanced upon the availability of a triple room in! Reserved the last room without further ado. 

Booked the triple room for two days. Lobby area is small and a restaurant, where we had our breakfast in, is located opposite the front desk. Front desk was manned by an mid aged lady who greeted us with smile. Hotel was willing to safe-keep our luggage during check out as we decided to travel light for an overnight stay in Shodoshima and would return to retrieve our luggage on the following day. Size of room is 18 m2, occupied by three super single beds and a small round table. All basic amenities were also well taken care of here - a common trait of most business hotels in Japan. Simple breakfast was served in the in house restaurant - salad, fruit, bread and hard boiled egg. Overall, the convenient location and reasonably priced accommodation will make this hotel a popular choice of stay in Takamatsu. 


What's nearby?

(1) Takamatsu JR Station 高松駅, about 2 minutes walk
After exiting from Takamatsu JR Station, turn right. At the first traffic junction, the hotel can be spotted diagonally opposite. 

(2) Takamatsu Chikko Station 高松築港駅, about 2 minutes walk.
Operated by Kotoden, the terminus train station is located behind the hotel.
From Takamatsu Chikko Station (K00/S00),
- take the Kotohira line 琴平線 to Ritsurin Koen Station 栗林公園駅 (K03), to visit Ritsurin Koen.
- take the Kotohira line 琴平線 to Kawaramachi 瓦町駅 (K02/S02), the interchange station to change to Nagano line 長野線 or Shido line 志度線. The 10 storey tall building which houses the train station is also a shopping mall named Karamachi Flag, where Starbucks, ABC Mart and Daiso can be found here.

Karamachi Flag:

(3) Takamatsu Central Shopping Mall, about 10 minutes walk.
Came to this area to search for dinner for two consecutive nights. Roads here have been converted into sheltered pedestrian walkways, lined up with shops on both sides.
- Hyogomachi 兵庫町, where you can shop for luxury goods in Mitsukoshi Departmental Store.
- Marugamemachi 丸亀町: MUJI, Daiso and Starbucks


Takamatsu Terminal Hotel 高松ターミナルホテル
760-0021 香川県高松市西の丸10-17

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