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Shikoku Autumn 2014 四国秋季之旅 - Takamatsu JR Station 高松駅, Takamatsu Port 高松港

Bus terminal in the foreground. 
Takamatsu JR Station (Y00/T28) is the terminus station on both the Yosan and Kotoku lines.

Some of the limited express and themed trains that serve Takamatsu JR Station:

(1) to Honshu
- Limited Express Sleeper Sunrise Seto, commutes between Tokyo, Osaka, Okayama and Takamatsu.
- To Okayama Prefecture: Rapid Marine Liner, commutes between Okayama and Takamatsu via the Great Seto Bridge.

(2) to other parts of Shikoku
- To Tokushima Prefecture: Limited Express Uzushio, commutes between Takamatsu and Tokushima.
- To Kochi Prefecture: Limited Express Shimanto, commutes between Takamatsu and Kochi, Nakamura and Sukumo.
- To Ehime Prefecture: Limited Express Ishizushi, commutes between Takamatsu and Matsuyama, Uwajima.
- Yu Yu Anpanman train departs from Takamatsu for Tokushima on specific dates, once per day, typically on weekends and public holidays.
Yu Yu Anpanman train:


What's nearby?

Takamatsu Port
(1) Takamatsu Port 高松港
Take the ferry or speed craft from here to nearby islands in the Seto Inland Sea.
- To Shodoshima 小豆島
- To Naoshima Miyanoura Port 直島宮浦港: 50 mins by ferry; 25 mins by speed craft.
- To Teshima 豊島: 35 mins by ferry.
- To Megijima 女木島 & Ogijima 男木島: 20 mins to Megijima and 40 mins to Ogijima by ferry.

Followed the map to search for Sanuki Udon!
(2) Tourist Information Desk
Requested for a Sanuki Udon Map and inquired directions to attractions/restaurants from the helpful staff at the information desk. Despite all the research done beforehand, I still make it a point to drop by to seek advice from local on my planned itinerary.

(3) Bus Terminal バスターミナル

- Bus Stop #3 for Airport Limousine Bus to Takamatsu Airport
Took the domestic flight from Haneda to Takamatsu and utilitsed this bus to transfer from the airport to train station. Entire journey took approx 45 mins. Fee = 760 yen

- Bus Stop #4 for Shopping Rainbow Bus ショッピングレインポー
This is a local community bus which serves the town center. Do take note that there are two routes - anticlockwise (反時計回り) and clockwise (時計回り) and both buses will wait at the same bus stop.
Took this bus after heeding the advice of the staff from the tourist information desk to visit a couple of Udon restaurant. This bus also stops at Mitsukoshi Departmental Store, Ritsurin Koen and Kawaramachi train station. Fee = 150 yen/210 yen (depends on the number of stops travelled)

At Takamatsu Chikko Station: Kotochan, the dolphin captain mascot of Kotoden!
(4) Takamatsu Chikko Station 高松築港駅
Operated by Kotoden, the terminus train station is about 3 mins walk away from Takamatsu JR Station.
From Takamatsu Chikko Station (K00/S00),
- take the Kotohira line 琴平線 to Ritsurin Koen Station 栗林公園駅 (K03), to visit Ritsurin Koen.
- take the Kotohira line 琴平線 to Kawaramachi 瓦町駅 (K02/S02), the interchange station to change to Nagano line 長野線 or Shido line 志度線. 

Bought a Udon Nou badge pin (from Shikoku Shop 88) and a postcard.
(5) Maritime Plaza マリタイムプラザ
Maritime Plaza is part of Sunport Takamatsu and manages shops and restaurant in the facility. Visited Shikoku Shop 88 (四国ショップ88), located on the 1st floor, a one-stop shop which sells a wide range of merchandises, both food and souvenirs, originated from all four prefectures of Shikoku. Bought a badge pin of Udon Nou うどん脳 (otherwise known as Udon brain), one of the many mascots of Kagawa Prefecture. This mascot is associated with Sanuki Udon, a specialty food of Kagawa.


Commemorative stamps:

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