Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Kyushu Spring 2014 九州春季之旅 - Yogan Nagisa Park & Footbath 溶岩なぎさ公園&足湯

Visited 25.03.2014

100 m long footbath facility, choose any spot you like!
The second place we visited in Sakaurajima. This is another attraction which is nearby the ferry terminal: turn right after exiting from the ferry terminal. What is unique about this park is its footbath facility which is 100 m long, the longest I have seen so far. There are several sections that are sheltered, but most remains open. Hot spring source comes from 1,000 m deep underground and water is brownish in colour. This footbath was especially welcoming to us especially after this morning's ascend up Dinosaur Park. Sat here for quite some time to sooth our aching legs, while admiring Kinko bay and Kagoshima city from afar. Recharged and moved on to our last destination in Sakurajima before heading back. 

Kinko bay and Kagoshima city on the opposite of Sakurajima.
Travel tip: As there are many free footbaths in Japan, I have gradually cultivated the habit to carry a small towel wherever I go... just in case I spot a footbath and want to have to soak! To me, this is one of the simplest pleasures that I always look forward to on every trip I embark in Japan.   


Yogan Nagisa Park & Footbath 溶岩なぎさ公園&足湯
〒891-1419 鹿児島市桜島横山町1722-3
Opening hrs: 0900 hrs to after sunset.
Free admission.

How to get there? 
Exit from Sakurajima Pier and turn right. Approx 10 mins walk from there.


Video: Scroll to 30:25 for 遇约九州's feature on Yogan Nagisa Park Foot Spa.

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