Sunday, October 18, 2015

Kyushu Spring 2014 九州春季之旅 - Ibusuki JR Station 指宿駅

Bottom left: Fureai Ashiyu just outside the train station.
Ibusuki JR Station, on Ibusuki Markurazaki line.

Ibusuki city, located south of Kagoshima city, is most well known for its sand bath. Ibusuki hot spring water actually does not come from the sea, but from deep underground waters. Sand along the coastline is infused with hot spring water and burying your body under the hot sand is said to have therapeutic health effects.

What's nearby?

(1) Fureai Ashiyu (ふれあい足湯). This foot bath facility comes into sight immediately (look to your left) once you exit from the train station. Nothing beats having a good soak in the hot spring waters after disembarking from a train journey. 

(2) Umi Naka Ashiyu (海中足湯), approx 20 minutes walk and 7 mins by taxi from train station.
There are several foot bath spots around Ibusuki city. This particular one is one of its kind. As its name suggests (translates to "footbath in sea"), it is located just beside the sea and only appears during low tide. One thing to note that the hot spring water found in this containment does not come from the sea, but transferred to here from hot spring sources via pipelines. Nevertheless, to be able to soak your legs and enjoy the sea view/breeze at the same time must be a therapeutic activity to calm down one's mind. Unfortunately, I did not manage to find this secret spot during my visit to Ibusuki.
Umi Naka Ashiyu is located at the coastal area, near the cluster of hotels and Natural Sand Bath Center.

Foot bath in Ibusuki:

(3) Natural Sand Bath Center "Saraku" (砂むし会館 砂楽), approx 20 minutes walk and 7 mins by taxi from train station.
This is the place to visit if you want to enjoy Ibusuki's famous sand bath.


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