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Kyushu Spring 2014 九州春季之旅 - Sakurajima Ferry 桜島フェリー

Travelled 25.03.2014

Not an island anymore. Despite its name, classifying Sakurajima as an island is not entirely true now because part of its circumference is linked to the mainland (Osumi Peninsula) as a result of an eruption that occurred in 1914. High volcanic activity results in varying amount of ashes being released to its surrounding area everyday. Despite the looming danger of volcano eruption all the time, a small population chose to stay on this island, harnessing the fertile soil for agricultural needs and hot spring generated by the earth.

The most convenient way to get to Sakurajima is by ferry which can carry both passengers and automobiles. 
  • Ferry runs between Kagoshima city and Sakurajima 24/7 everyday. 
  • One way fare is 160 yen for adult and 80 yen for child. You will not asked to pay any fare when you board the ferry from Kagoshima Port because the conductor is stationed at Sakurajima Port and will collect the fare when you get off/board from there. 
  • Ferry ride takes about 15 minutes. A ferry disembarks from either port every 15 minutes interval between 0600 - 2030 hrs.  

Oishii Udon! Started the day early and took a cab to the ferry terminal. The driver broke the silence and started to engage in a casual conversation with us, though I could not comprehend majority of what he said. Just before we reached, he mentioned "oishii udon" with his finger pointing towards the ferry terminal. From the enthusiastic tone of his voice, you can really feel that the he meant what he said. However, I could not really relate what udon has to do with this ferry at that point of time. This burning question which was eventually resolved when I caught sight of this small food stall inside the ferry and yes, it was selling udon and soba. Was still full from the early breakfast and decided to try this during our return route instead.

In fact I was skeptical at first because it looks like any udon I have eaten before. Had high expectations because udon is also one of my favourite Japanese food, Nevertheless, decided to give it a try. Ordered my bowl of udon and added a piece of fishcake to it. I was fully captivated by the taste after delivery the first spoonful of noodles and soup into my mouth. Dashi (soup) is very light but immersed with the flavours of bonito flakes and kombu. Udon was firm and smooth, to the point I could slurp the entire strand into my mouth in one breath! Having tasted many different bowls of udon, I must say this is the best I have eaten before. May sound overly exaggerated but this is the type of comfort food that warms the stomach and heart.


Sakurajima Ferry 桜島フェリー

How to get there?

(1) Take Kagoshima City Tram bound for Kagoshima ekimae, alight at Suizokukan-guchi. Takes another 5 mins to walk from here to ferry terminal.


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