Monday, July 20, 2015

Kyushu Spring 2014 九州春季之旅 - Kinrinko 金鱗湖

Visited 22.03.2014

The common goal for most people upon exiting from Yufuin JR Station is to head down to Kirinko (Kinrin Lake), a scenic spot in Yufuin.

Kinrin Lake means "golden fin lake". This name came about because the lake "glitters" under the sun just like fins of a fish. There are two sources of water to this lake: cold water from streams connected to the lake and hot water emerging from the bottom of the lake. At low temperatures early in the day, a fog is formed over the surface of the water, creating this dreamy atmosphere. Didn't manage to witness this phenomenon but looking at the beautiful surroundings and its reflection in the calm waters felt very therapeutic - something that I can stare for a long time without twitching. With the lush vegetation in the background, one can expect Kinrin Lake to portray a different look every season - finding myself a reason to visit this place in a different season next time.

Reflection of blue skies in the lake.

Kinrinko 金鱗湖
Approx 25 mins walk from Yufuin JR Station.
Yufuin Onsen Tourism Website:

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