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Kyushu Spring 2014 九州春季之旅 - Beppu JR Station 別府駅, 1 Day Mini Free Passport

Hot spring "burping" just outside the train station.
Beppu JR Station, on Nippo main line.

This is one train station which I did not alight at/board a train from. Chose to take a bus to Beppu from Yufuin because there were no direct services between these two train stations (have to transit at Oita JR Station). From Yufuin to Oita, it takes close to an hour by the local train; and takes another 10 mins from Oita to Beppu after that. 

Special sightseeing & limited express trains departing from/passing by this train station include: 
(1) Ltd Express Yufu, commutes between Hakata and Beppu (via Tosu & Kurume).

(2) Yufuin no mori (ゆふいんの森), one round trip between Hakata and Beppu.

(3) Kyushu Odan Tokkyu (九州横断特急), commutes between Beppu and Hitoyoshi.
Route: Beppu > Oita > Aso > Kumamoto > Hitoyoshi

(4) Ltd Express Sonic, commutes between Hakata and Beppu (via Kokura).


What's nearby?

(1) Tourist Information Center: 
Did not have time to explore the surrounding area around train station. Making my way to the tourist information center to gather the area maps and brochures has become a ritual for me whenever I reach a new place/train station. Purchased 1 Day Mini Passport from here too.

Scratch the date to activate the bus pass.
Kamenori Bus (亀の井バス) offers various types of bus passes. Staff at the tourist information center recommended me this 1 Day Mini Free Passport which cost 900 yen. If you plan to visit all eight "Jigoku" of Beppu, this bus pass will come in handy (I remember this is also more economical). One perk that comes with this mini passport is the discount coupons. It includes a 200 yen discount to the entrance fee to visit all eight "Jigoku".

Recommended way to visit all eight "Jigoku":
- From Beppu JR Station West Exit, take Bus 5 or 41 to Umi Jigoku mae bus stop (海地獄前).
- Visit Yama Jigoku > Umi Jigoku > Oniishibozu Jigoku
- Visit Kamada Jigoku > Oniyama Jigoku > Shiraike Jigoku
- Walk to Kannawa Bus Terminal (鉄輪), take Bus 16 to Chinoike Jigoku mae bus stop (血の池地獄前).
- Visit the last two Jigoku: Chinoike Jigoku and Tatsumaki Jigoku
- Take Bus 16 from Chinoike Jigoku mae bus stop back to Beppu JR Station East Exit.

(2) West Exit Bus Stop
- Take Bus 36 to Yufuin
- Take Bus 5 or 41 to Kannawa (鉄輪) and Umi Jigoku (海地獄).
Bus 5:
Bus 41:

(3) East Exit Bus Stop
- Take Bus 26 to Chinoike Jigoku (血の池地獄) and Kannawa (鉄輪). 
Bus 16: (Kannawa > Beppu JR Station)
Bus 26: (Beppu JR Station > Kannawa)


Commemorative stamp:

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